Please buff Conan's Atlantean Sword and nerf Silent Legion Armor


Tascha, will the arrow changes also add the ability to keep weapon poision on for more than 1 hit and / or create permanently poisioned weapons (i.e. set’s dagger)?


I am not sure but I can try to see if we have some info we can share :slight_smile:


Thanks! Having to re-apply after each hit is annoying :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking into the armors and weapons balance Tascha (or having Oscar look into it). :slight_smile:

Can you please also make sure that Weapon Display Racks not working are on the bug list? Because I would like to show off my collection of weapons, balanced or unbalanced. :wink:


Me to, i’m gona have a nice collection of " Old Legendarys " , and i checked that out Moos, they are actually weak compaired to the new Legendarys :smile:


Ok, what is “safe distance” to you?
I would assume >10 seconds of sprinting to slowly become a safe distance. Just what kind of distance (in foundations) would that be? 30 or more?
At that point, landing a hit - not to mention a headshot - becomes impossible if said target isnt a potato.
But since most people reason with pvp in their mind, JustHorse did a video with archery. And showed how easy it is to miss a shot or rather how easy it is to avoid getting shot. Also damage numbers have been shown.

As running up takes very few time, I wouldnt consider any distance except miles “safe”. Only if one can shoot single arrows at people without them finding one.

You are forgetting a few major differences just as well:

  • Melees can stack a good amount of more stats due to archers being forced to stack strenght.
  • Melees dont require a huge amount of time to prepare for endgame; neighter do they need luck for the correct weapon. Clearing black keep once means getting legion armor+telith 2h. Good to go.
    Compared to that, archers need armorers for correct armor combo. On top of the expected risen amount of farming to be done. To reach considerable damage takes a whole lot more of effort. Only to still be way weaker than melees.
  • Melees wont need to think about carryweight or additional materials.

Most people simply gave up.

To make myself clear. I dont want 30 damage on bows and arrows! Hell no!
(Hopefully ivoryarrows will truly be harmful…)
It’s not the bows which need more damage, but rather archers who need good perks.
A single multiplier below 50, and it’s that weak?

At the same time, I wouldnt want those new arrows becoming the next OP tools.
I despise of anything being OP. Except for bosses if they were OP. (Dungeon bosses.)


Everything which more than 3 steps aside is safe.


Exactly. Walking backwards and dodging when necessary archers can not be hit in an open environment. Archery is a pretty good option in PvP, not so much in PvE.


What about OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYERS? Why are we forced to pay in blood when a large clan is OP? Seems you increased the difficult making OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER mode impossible to beat without the admin panel.


The sandreaper poison is pretty strong, so if the poisoned weapon applies that dmg every hit it will be too op, re-applying it is a tactical move. If they manage to make it last for more hits they’re going to nerf it. I prefer re-applying when I can rather than having a weak variant.


I wasn’t.



How about making all weapons have 4 tiers so we can use the great skins from all the weapons and balance them based on items instead of the insane tweeking you’ll have to do for ever like now. Also Silent legion is good but most heavy armor is good. Right now there isn’t much reward for wearing med or light armors besides inf climb or long distance running. The roll vs hop distance is almost the exact same. Only difference is the look which for some reason has people sure its “better”. Again make all armors in tiers ( kinda like now ) and even out the stat gains based on sets. Problem solved. ( also neg and bonus for LIGHT MED and HEAVY )


Nah @Zugs, the difference between the dodge is what makes most people wear medium armor instead of heavy armor. Ofc there is not point in wearing light armor, other for the +9 Enc. Silent Legion is only good with +40 Agi.


I see no reason to buff the Conan’s Atlantean sword. As it’s requirement 4 shape wood and 20 Iron bars for none epic. The epic requires 20 star metal bars and 1 long handle. The epic damage is 50. That more damage than a base star sword. The only issue I see is the none epic has more durability. Switch the epic and none epic durability and it will become more useful.


the difference in distance for a dodge in med and heavy (without 40 agil) isnt worth it. more over at 40 agil why wouldn’t you just wear heavy? there is no reason to really wear anything but heavy.


It is not only the range but also the amount of invulnerability frames. Heavy Armor is only viable with 40 Agi in pvp.


Yeah, i do agree with changing the Conan’s Atlantean Sword but the cost needs to be raised also :slight_smile:
I would suggest that the sword should have 61 damage, 15% ap and giv it a chance to glow red when it tastes blood :smiley:

I would still suggest that all the armors don’t have stats on them but you add stats by using armor upgrades form named thralls. cost of the armors also need to be balanced out again!

Regarding the Silent Legion armor, please make it so you have to at lest defeat the boss to get the recipe! It is not great that you can just run in take the recipe and then jump out of the fight… It is good that you need his heart to get the weapons but the boss should also be harder when more people enter the room.


Conan does not need +5 str on his weapon :smiley: He has max str already :stuck_out_tongue:


To be honest.
I would not like a nerf on the silent legion armor other than a bit harder to obtain or more materials to make.
BUT I’d like to have some overall boost on armors (and especially for the stats they give) on ALL OTHER armors so they could be “on par” or at least a viable option “against” the legion armor.

So in short “MORE balanced armors” and especially more options for specific types like: cold resist alternative to the exiles armor.
waaay more attribute/stats boost on epic/exceptional/exceptional epic/flawless/flawless epic armors.
So they SHOULD reflect better the more efforts needed to make them.

And make light armors more viable. I mean in a heavy you are a tank, in medium you can still move-ish kinda, sort of… but in a light you have almost no more dodge capability as in a medium. on the other hand you can be oneshotted in a light armor. So this feels very unbalanced. also stamina drain is almost equal in med vs light armors when fight. so overall a better armor balance would be good.
same applies for weapons tellith’s sorrow is the only viable 2h sword. all the other has waaay less damage.
(Not including legendaries ofc for 2 reason: gambling to get the one you like, and as of now cannot repair them not one bit.)
So Why on earth would any 2h sword user use other than the Telith’s Sorrow?
(AND f.e. I like starmetal looks better but that damage reduction just not worth to use the other one)


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