Please Buff Mounted Combat, it's actualy too weak

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This is some low quality bait.


I think we should be an option as a playable horse. We shoud be able to put thralls on stables and tame them as pets. And then finally, being able to have mounted thralls in our backs, hitting enemies nearby. That would be nice.

Just imagine, “Conan exiles: the horse race”


LOL. Yeeeah,we should be able to mount the Red Mother . And it should spit fire when we ride. Also i think we need a new weapon usable only when mounted that deals like… 20 bleeding and 5 cripples.

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yes please taming a horse is so grindy. there must be a reward!

also it is very good that a sword strike to the horse knee is not taking the horse down. what is missing is the horse taking your dead body home. in case you die due to not eating while having too much fun ganking all the farmer

Ok, no, but the small dragons would be awesome. With fire, but without running.

I honestly thought it was kind of funny. But yeah. Definitely bait.

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