Please consider moving some three star bosses Funcom

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Apparently you did not read my OP, I DID rebuild and redesign (re-edited by JJDancer)
Of the options, which is the best?
A- despawn the mob and hope you do not get reported.
B- Have multiple thralls kill the mob every time it spawns, so other people may not get the chance to kill it.
C- Move the mob into a deserted area, like the King Scorpion.

Your move. . .

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I agree, it fuels server politics too, I have seen people negotiate, mistakenly block spawns (something ive done myself) and people go to war over it.

Changing spawns though for no good reason is pretty crazy though I must say as spawn nodes are linked into map zones so would mean big patches for small changes.

It is frustrating sometimes when you find a cool place to build and then you realise its either a NPC camp or a boss site.

The Oasis in the past was a great site to build at for obvious reasons, and to be fair the Rhino King came later (at least I think it did if memory serves, correct me if I’m wrong) - But either way I do feel like he could have been placed somewhere else.

Precisely for this reason I also wasn’t a huge fan of the giant croc near the small Oasis near the black hand camp pirate ship, that was a great little spot to build at in the past.

I honestly don’t think we needed that many boss crocs. :man_shrugging:


So you have no real input, and are just here to hurl insults, I see. You can leave now, your job is done.

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Actually I do, if you went back and read my messages?


The world isn’t built around you. The whole point of survival games is to adapt to your surroundings and overcome. If you can’t adapt to a big rhino on your lawn, move.

So you agree, since I am not going to MOVE, and you know that already, as I have been at that location for three + years, that killing it every time it spawns is the best solution?
Again, playing the protagonist on a forum just because you can does not mean you have actually said anything useful.
At least Taemien pointed out his reasoning behind his posts BEFORE he went into full personal attack mode.

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Funniest comment of the day. You sir are a true x9medy expert.

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This is where you’re in the wrong.

You’ve been breaking TOS for three years and instead of moving to adapt to it you’re begging them to change it? That’s a pretty sad concession to make, just move. It would be a lot easier than whatever all this is.

Would still be against TOS, you’re denying others access to it even still.

Please point out where I went for a personal attack first.

That is what the wolfpack does best. Insult an opinion to demean and try to stifle any input they do not like


Still waiting for a citation on that. And it goes both ways. Attacking one’s reading comprehension or belittling and devaluing someone’s reply over server preference isn’t an innocent reply. If you’re gonna self-victimize, at least wash your hands first.

This is where the ToS is murky.

Are there other bosses that offer the same resources? If this particular boss was unique in its drips, i could see the stubborness on not looking at it from a builders perspective. But you can get keys, rhino hide, and a black rhino head elsewhere. If building on a common resourced boss is against ToS, then anyone who builds on any resource is technically breaking the ToS.


Are we done yet? Explain which is not a personal attack please.


Oh, i washed my hands of you forum wolfpack bullies long ago. I now speak up when you all attack others maliciously and can not be civil without trying to make them feel stupid for having a voice and opinion.


Are we?

Exactly, I asked FC to CONSIDER this, and now I am entitled, begging, and a Karen. It was even put under


Yet the claws come out as if I am asking for a weapons nerf, or god forbid, a build limit.

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Again, pullwd 9nly what you want. I said i still engage with you all, but 9nly because you all gamag up on one individual…hence wolf pack. I tend to side with an ubderdog, esp l. when all they are doing is voicing an opinion that isnt malicious. Somehow you all twist words to either make it seem malicious, or poke and poke until they fire back and get caught up in the rabidness of self entitlement you all have.


Apparently Malcom thinks that calling me entitled and a Karen is just fine and he is just concerned about my punctuation and spelling, as he has not edited your posts.

That’s not what he edited out. You know that.

Well, you should join a certain discord and then maybe you could be an elite membe on the forums.

Can we just stop now please? You have voiced your opinion on my feedback and everything else now is just vindictive, from both of us. I apologize for any personal attacks I have made.

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