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Epiphany and Rousch would like to invite you to join Twisted Veins, an RP-PVP community with good people. We do not stress on Conan Lore as the server has it’s own lore for you to unravel in mysteries and a fully written story.

We have our own mods as well as use others, but Crossroads and Twisted Veins are stocked full of admin spawnables, rewards, custom armors and weapons… paintings… placeable coins you name it, we pretty much have it. We ask everyone to read the PDF rules in our discord and then they will receive a password.

Our server is constantly growing with mystery and hidden quests throughout the world, as well as merchants in a town near the arena that sell a multitude of RP items unique to our server.

The level cap is 60, however at level 60 you can unlock two potions and if you have the special ingredient, you can gain attribute and feat points at an even pace allowing you to become the self reliant, powerful barbarian you want to be.

Here is our mod list -

and of course our discord…

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