I am getting ill playing this game. I remember there being an option and they took it away? Why? Why can’t this be fixed so quicky that our heads spin? Whatever happened to the good old days where developers actually cared and pushed out hotfixes that players ACTUALLY SUGGESTED. It literally makes me sick that there isn’t an option and I’m so mad cause I love the game.


Would also like them to fix harvesting so you don’t need to smack and squat to hit the shorter bolder and nodes.

do you play single player by chance?
there is a mod that disables the shake. called the " no shake mod" and i never play without it.
hope that helps you

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Would really want the option to disable it in officialls as well…


I’m playing on official sadly. I expected this to be an option, and the fact that it isn’t ■■■■■■ me off. Such an easy fix, but no action.

I agree, its all about money, no fixes, cost to much :). And after the selling of the game or if it was the whole company it will getting worse.

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Yes, please remove this.

Please make it an option at the very least. During quarantine there should be no excuse for not taking action and making it an option. Do it for the players, please. IS ANY DEVELOPER OUT THERE LISTENING OR READING THE FORUMS?! HELLOOOOOOOOOO!

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