Please do some minor tweaks to the game

I’m sure others have suggestions to make the game better, and here are some of mine.

All low end vendor should not be selling “white” gear. At least upgrade them, like the ones on the Suk, to “greens”.

When killing a minor boss, there should be better drops, not just daggamalt or moonspell.

Make it so someone cannot ninja loot all the furs in Yakimar or make it so if he is killed all get their fur not just 3 in the box.

Love the game. awaits comments from the peanut gallery

Sorry, should have posted this in suggestions. :slight_smile: I don’t come here much. :stuck_out_tongue:

um wrong game, this is conan unconquered

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Hey there,

You mean the Age of Conan Suggestions subforum. I hope a moderator will move this post for you asap.

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