Please don't add new items to the Esoteric Library

Funcom, I’ve already mentioned this in the Testlive Update 2.3 thread, but I feel it’s important enough to start a seperate thread about this in the hope that it gets the attention it deserves.

I don’t think you should be adding more random drops to the Library of Esoteric Artifacts. Because of the random drops it’s already a pain in the neck to get all 28 of them. Increasing that number to 48 makes it almost impossible.

An average Unnamed City run takes about 1,5 hours and gives you an average of 10 relic fragments. I have a family, so 1,5 hours a day is a lot of time all to myself and it happens only a few times a week. Often, when I do the run, and turn in the fragments I get nothing. Not one single recipe I need. And the worst thing is: I did not only lose 1,5 hours of my precious free time, but I also lost 100 additional feat points that I would have gotten if I had consumed the fragments. On top of that, doing Unnamed City runs for weeks and months on end to get all the new recipes is immensely boring. Is this really how you want players to spend their time in your game? By doing tedious and repetetive chores?

An alternative would be to make these recipes boss drops. We’re killing these bosses in the Unnamed City anyway, so at least we won’t have to sacrifice 10 feat points for a chance to get a new recipe.

I sincerely hope you will reconsider.


Yeah, the RNG is bad.

I wouldn’t mind if they put in some kind of algorithm to check what the character knows and distribute only unknown recipes until the character has them all. That way your effort is guaranteed to give you something you don’t already have, even if it was random (until you get them all). If they did that, I wouldn’t mind how many recipes there were (added or not).


Yeah, that would also be a good solution.

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Im behind you on this.


RNG is ok as long as there is some logic holding RNG leash (we have leash mechanics, don’t we) otherwise it’s complete nonsense in most case scenarios, simple check if recipe is already known, if is roll again, would elevate most painful issue here


It’s not bad. With 200 fragments you get all recipes +doubles.

Do you play single player? I found that the missing recipes are always a good opportunity to start trading with others on a server.

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The best way I’ve done it anyway was to collect 100+ and then turn them in at once and it’s grantee to have them at least on Xbox as we don’t have 48 yet just 24 but like above post 200+ turn in at once and you have them easy except for time

All I can say is that on PC you can have copies even when you turn them at the same time.

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No, I play on offical, PvE mostly since my daughter was born in november (I just don’t have the time for PvP anymore), but I’m a solo player at heart. Without trying to sound pretentious I have to say that I rarely encounter players who have the tenacity to do either the wine cellar or who want to collect all the recipes from the Esoteric Library. In my opinion the game is really hard on solo players and its only getting harder with these random drops. I’ve been thinking about abandoing official servers altogether and switch to single player. It’s just not worth the time and effort with all these random drops.

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Yes but I’ve got them all with 100 or less but with more added in I won’t be able to see it until I get it on Xbox but double or triple equals others can get them

Agreed - adding items like this to me is like fake content, a frustrating treadmill which has very little if any enjoyment value.


Who’s going to want 8 copies of Table Leg?


A suggestion to the Devs about this:

There are library looking things in the Warmaker’s Dungeon and the Sunken City. Maybe some of the recipes could be moved there?



I will swap them for 10 gravediggers!


It would be nice if the Devs added a Merchant who specialized in trading unwanted recipes (swap one you don’t want for one you do want). Or even swap a recipe for a fragment of power (so we can ‘go try again’).


That sounds too easy!
To be honest, trading isn’t that bad. Of course no one will get your legendary spatula recipe, but if you have 2 venom weapon and someone has 2 taxidermy or whatever then everybody wins. I don’t think everybody should win every time…

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Yeah, that sounds like a really cool idea. Hope Funcom is reading this.

Adding a way for players to more easily trade with each other would be a far better solution in every way. Add player vendors and this all solves itself plus making the game better in many other ways.


Actually, Funcom probably already has them. There are files with names that suggest there is something exactly like what you are describing. I think it was on a Firespark video, but that was months ago. Not sure if they’re ever going to do anything with it.