Please don't add new items to the Esoteric Library

Although you can get Exiled Lands Feats from completing the Vaults I don’t think it’ll be the main way of getting them on Siptah once it goes live.

At the moment “Spawn Elder Siege Things” is off by default in 2.3. Try turning it on and build a decent sized base in the Maelstrom (385+ building pieces). If you can build a thrall army strong enough to deal with what turns up you’ll see what I mean. Its still all subject to RNG but the odds of you getting something from the Exiled Lands are much greater than “maybe 1 per Vault run”. I’m getting 1-4 EL feat scrolls per 15 minute Maelstrom and a bunch of other things (I love the idea of powering my furnace with the heart of a demon!).

And that’s before you factor in what you can do with all those ???'s you’ll get…

Did you really? I’ve got any other recipe but EL library scrolls from those fragments and I have spawned hundreds of them.

Have you got any of the grandmaster feats or oils feat from the bosses? Because those are a major pain to get in siptah and I haven’t got those either from the fragments.

I like this picture.
Saved for myself, thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ah, by “EL” I meant Exiled Lands not Esoteric Library. I was responding to @dmw33 and @Ethel comments about grinding Vaults for a chance at an Exiled Lands scroll and then there’s a smaller chance its from the Esoteric Library. Once you’re setup its easier to farm the Demons in the Maelstrom than it is to run Vaults. There’s probably a whole forum thread that could be started to discuss Maelstrom configuration settings :slight_smile:

So I should say I’m getting 1-4 Exiled Lands scrolls per Maelstrom. A couple of which are from the Esoteric Library. A sample of what I’m seeing:

Maelstrom 1:
Venom-Infused Daggers
Pirate Cuisine
The Glasser

Maelstrom 2:
Scavenger-Fur Armor

Maelstrom 3:
Dagon’s Breath

That doesn’t include the small mountain of Siptah scrolls, demon body parts and ???s that pile up. About every second Maelstrom you can use those question marks to summon a high level surge, murder everyone in it, and look for more scrolls that way.

I’ve diverged a bit from the OPs topic. I agree that the Siptah drops probably shouldn’t be added to the Esoteric Library’s pool of scrolls as that means you at least know which pool of RNG you’re swimming in.

As far as I am aware the recipes that drop in the vaults do not drop from those fragments but if you are getting library scrolls then I will re-test again, there might have been some change. The only recipes I have got are the ones that drop from surges and delving.

Also not a solution for official servers.

Yes, from what I’ve seen combining 5 “Schematic Fragments” can only result in Siptah “Schematic” scrolls.

The “Larger Elder Things”, especially the giant spider, have a chance to drop complete scrolls along with the Schematic Fragments. Those complete scrolls can be from either the Siptah “Schematics” list (this is more likely) or they can be “Scrolls” from Exiled Lands.
To explain what I mean this is the complete list I got from one of my more successful Maelstrom demon farming runs (one 15 minute Maelstrom).

Schematics (IoS content):
Draining Knives
Lion Slayer
Axe of the Savage
Enraged Sword
Sword of the Legion x2
Dripping Longsword
Survivor’s Axe

Scrolls (Exiled Lands content):
Venom-Infused Daggers - Esoteric Library
Pirate Cuisine
The Glasser - Esoteric Library

Schematics Fragment x2 (I had picked up more but they turn into a schematic when you have 5 of them in your inventory)

Shining x1
Greater x5
Unstable x2

Ichor x508
Corrupted Livers x2
Bile of Vitality x1
Blood Moon Bow x1

I’d like to think that having a conversation about it here in the forums, now, could shape what those settings end up looking like when it goes live.

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I did re-test that and indeed we get library scrolls now as well. There must have been a change. Unfortunately, the rng pool is very big as it appears that from 5 fragments you can get 1 recipe out of pretty much any recipe that can possibly drop on siptah.

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I’ve cleared over 300 and haven’t found GM armorer yet.
Above i mentioned I haven’t even found a scroll in 12 vaults.
After today that number is now 17 vaults without one.

Have they stealth nerfed scroll chances? A week ago would find one every 4-5 vaults

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Sounds like you have never actually played any MMO ever in your life. :rofl:

Sounds like we’ve evolved since they first came out!

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I don’t know about Fargast, but I know I wouldn’t have bought Conan Exiles if it was advertised as an MMO. The grind and the RNG are mostly why. :smiley:

It’s also mostly the reason why I stopped playing Conan Exiles actively :frowning:

I might come back to Exiled Lands one of these days, but I ain’t touching Siptah again until/unless a future update makes it possible to get Exiled Lands recipes some other way than playing a giant slot machine. I got suckered into believing that it’s just placeholder mechanics, but I’m not a fan of “fool me twice” :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I just realized this might imply something I didn’t wish to. I’m not saying I was somehow fooled into buying Conan Exiles in the first place. On the contrary, Conan Exiles wasn’t and still isn’t an MMO and that was one of the criteria I used to buy it. It used to have a nice balance between MMO-like elements and other aspects.

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Conans population is dwindling its just a MO (Multiplayer Online) nothing massive about it lol

According to steam you are wrong @SindeeSyringe . Conan Exiles has always been steady at around 10k concurrent players on average.

I can tell you one thing: If Funcom refuses to adress this issue I will uninstall testlive asap and leave official servers. I’m not going to waste my time giving them feedback and do chores for random drops. I want to enjoy the game, but I also want to be a responsible adult. So I’ll just have to make Conan Exiles fair and enjoyable in a single player game for myself. No skin off my nose.


After 21 vaults I finally got a recipe (Merchant signs for the umpteenth time)

Considering that farming the judge for a 5% chance of a recipe dropping from a table of 18 rows resulting in a probability of about 0.278% of it being the one you’re after. You’re looking at around 270 kills to reach the average or roughly 100 hours of just killing him. (Not my math btw)

Who wants to do some math for the vault recipes :grin:

To clarify I play on console I only speak on behalf of the redheaded step childred. So your stats mean nothing to us. Conan on PC is 1000x better because they actually take the time to work on it. Console gets updated when its time to make extra cash. The offical servers are always empty. Counterstike 1.6 has more people playing at any given time then people playing conan on console.

Another “Dear diary” moment: This morning I did the Wine Cellar … again … Not because I like too, but because I’m still missing one recipe: Khari overseer. So, for the 12th time in two weeks I do the dungeon and what do I get … Khari Soldier. Great. I can add that to my collection of unused and worthless recipes.

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uhg yeah the game will be unplayable if I don’t get handed these things I never needed to play before

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Yeah, that’s obviously exactly what he said. :roll_eyes:

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You can go ahead and do so right now. As long as you are playing, you are +1 on the steam charts, no one really cares if you play on officials or in single-player.

I am not saying that I don’t agree with your feedback about the Library recipes but honestly, if you are going to pull the I quit card every time things don’t go your way, I am sure we will be fine without your feedback.


And here, folks, we have a classic Straw Man fallacy…

The Library is already tedious. Worth it, but only barely. If more recipes get atted and something is not done to address duplicates, then it will only cause more and more frustration for players. I’m thankful there are some players with tons of time to kill doing repetitive tasks, but I don’t. And I imagine there are many players just like me.

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