PLEASE Don't do a battlepass or at least

So let’s break this down into 2 parts.

Firstly, whether or not this is a greed-driven move will stem entirely from whether or not you will lose access to the items within the pass should you fail to complete it before the next one rolls out. If you can simply continue to make progress at your own pace and eventually own everything you paid for regardless of what pace you perform the content at, sure, it’s fine, no greed complaints there. However, if it operates as most battlepasses do where content (and subsequently your money) is simply lost if you don’t feel like playing the game that much (or paying an extremely ridiculous pricetag to buy out the levels), then yes, that’s 100% pure greed driven because there is no motive to make battlepasses like that EXCEPT for the purpose of leveraging scummy business practices that manipulate psychological factors like FOMO into making people feel forced to buy rather than letting the quality of the content merit the pricetag on it’s own.

Which brings us into issue #2, survival games really aren’t the type that a battlepass works in. Battlepasses exist in many BRs and other live service games because they are easily accessible and offer a symmetrical gameplay experience for all players, meaning every player has the exact same capabilities once they start a session regardless of any prior playtime or investment, that’s obviously not true at all in a context where groups exist with days, weeks, months, or even years of stockpiled materials to throw at doing these challenges in a matter of minutes while for a fresh player this would suddenly become a multi-hour ordeal depending on the challenge and how much setup it requires.

This also expands further when we open up the question of whether challenges can be completed on official, singleplayer, or private servers and whether or not you can qualify for them if cheats (like the in-game kind, not 3rd party kind) have been used. If you can only complete challenges on officials then it’s literally just a kick in the teeth to anyone who doesn’t play officials. If you can do it on singleplayer and private worlds then presumably that means cheating would have to be allowed due to the nature of mods unless they’re also now going to ban that element of the game from anyone who wants to get this battlepass content. And if you CAN cheat, then it completely and utterly invalidates the entire idea of forcing players to do these challenges to begin with since you’ve now just turned the game into a tedious daily checklist of opening, completing whatever random garbage, and closing it again all just to get the content you already paid for.

There really is no benefit whatsoever to doing a battlepass like this as opposed to the same old DLCs they’ve been doing now. Nobody who wants the stuff in them is going to suddenly love the game and play it all the time if they weren’t already, it’s just going to be irrelevant to the people who don’t care enough, a tedious burnout machine for the ones who do like it but aren’t hardcore nolifers of the game, and the ones who ARE nolifers likely would’ve just purchased a regular DLC anyway, making the entire thing irrelevant to them.

So yes, while it’s not greedy for them to ask for money to continue development, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for them to take completely unnecessary and poorly thought out actions to meet that goal, driven by no real greater design intent or foreseeable goal than greed. We’ll see how bad it is, but the fact that they did this at all is not a great sign of their intents or their foresight.


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