Please explain…

Over a week this has been reported and nothing done… yet people who haven’t done anything grossly as bad as this is banned almost instantly… so where is the disconnect? This player cannot even play the game. What we have found is the person banned quickly was probably 8 reports from so called different people, yet it was like 3-4 people with multiple accounts … seems only mass flooding them does anything … I think they may need server admins to handle situations a lot quicker. I dunno but extremely frustrating when obvious violations don’t get handled in a timely manner … over a week of someone not being able to play for not being able to climb those walls … also sign taunting… server 2505 for this instance but we all play multiple servers and it happens repeatedly

While it’s a large claim, the area they’ve built is empty save for a few scorpions.

No content is being blocked, at most they’re inconveniencing people by making them travel a little longer if going to the Unnamed City.

Such as?

And i’m an idiot, misunderstood the post. Ignore me!

I think they mean that someone has built around their base and they’re unable to get back in (hence the not being able to climb the walls comment). I could be wrong though.

I suspect what you’re looking at in that picture is, Clan-A being surrounded by Clan-B, which is absolutely against ToS.

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Please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk if you have any additional questions regarding the infraction investigations.