Please Faster the Lower Tier Thrall's Level Up Speed

Yup, agreed!

Nice page reference @Tephra , I hadn’t seen that one before I don’t think! My current thrall population is 79 strong: 10% Greater Bears, 70% Stygian Raiders 20% Accursed - and I have one Greater Lynx. About two months (?) ago is was 79 Greater Bears tho. :smiley:

Thank you, that’s a strategy I never thought of!

I used to do this too once I get the steel tier stun baton. Then I realise its like a waste since they require 25 hrs to turn and their HP at lvl20 is just similar to berserkers at lvl1. Why do they implent that hidden modifier…

This is gold! Thank you! I use this wiki a lot but mainly for attribute and amour articles. Didn’t know article Experience even exist :laughing:


This may sound weird, but I actually like weaker thralls better. Not for base protection during a purge, but for overland fighting and less difficult dungeons. a) if the thrall is a hard hitting brute they’re having all the fun and, b) the risk : reward ratio and trepidation factor of playing with a slightly squishy thrall and having to control him to keep him alive adds to the fun considerably.

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Gray apes ftw for both players and thralls. Easy to avoid, mostly isolated kills, and you can loop thru the docks and always have one to kill in front of you. The looting is non-existent but you get like 25 xp/ damage point dealt. Great efficiency.


It’s also right next to the boat to the Dragon dungeon if I get bored and want to grab supplies for better curatives.

This is an interesting point of view. Guess you are right, those berserkers don’t follow the same rule as the player, sounds like cheesing too much on a second thought

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Prolly not right or wrong, just something I noticed. I have one strong thrall. If I use him I can go make coffee or a sandwich while he takes out the boss and clears the area. I dunno if that’s “cheesing” but there’s not much challenge to it at that point. Still, very glad I have him for purges and the few unsoloable bosses that roam the Island of Siptah. :slight_smile:

Another good use for berserkers - try to beat them to the kills, or rack up more kills out of a group than the 'zerker manages - just another way of trying to have fun with them :slight_smile: (But yeah, I always wind up levelling several exiles or the like - although, for the late game stuff my primary criterion is that they are good at staying alive, which usually means top tier or a bearer…)

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Yeah on Siptah, I keep my eye pealed for a T3 or T4 bearer - no luck so far tho. It surprising how hardy the T2 Stygian bearer is compared to the T3 Stygian fighters and archers though… I think she’s like, part Timex or something…

Yeah, this is definitely the fun part of having an op thrall

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Oh yeah, bearers have the HP :slight_smile: T3 are actually my favourites, if I can find them - I think they have more HP than the T4s - one (post HP nerf) had over 20K HP, without using vitality armour (I swear he could’ve probably survived a direct nuke…). Damage output of a wet noodle - but like I said, survivability’s my preference :smiley:

(And I can’t like any more posts for another 14 hours lol - even being careful, catching up on a week away has burned today’s ‘allowance’. What? Does discourse think there’s some sort of lucrative black-market trade in forum likes !?!? :rofl:)


Yeah, me wants… I think I need one to beat The Judge. I’ve beat him twice since our talk but both times it was because his AI hade turn from the fight, run to back area, and wedge himself between two rocks - wuuut? Still no super truncheon drops yet tho. :frowning:

You and that truncheon, lol - it’s getting as bad as me and the Sword of Crom - I’ve still never managed to get it to drop in the who knows how many times I’ve killed the bosses that can drop it. (I did get it when I was playing Age of Calamitous mod - the one with all the fancy magic - but there you can pretty much buy it by grinding the right stuff, and it’s not even the best thrall weapon in the mod, so I finally got one, put it in a chest and never did anything with it :rofl: One day I will finally get one in proper play in the Exiled Lands and an already unbeatable thrall will become slightly more unbeatable :rofl:)


kill the Grey apes in EL around the with wheen area I jungle, the blackish purple lizards on siptah that are around se mainland and the dark island beaches. easy kills, and abundance makes it non stop leveling.

Side note, I believe a thrall can only gain 2 levels at once. Ie, if exp gained is more than that on one kill, it only gains enough to hit 2 levels. It was a way to curb players power leveling with certain craftables that could have you jump 4 or 5 levels at a time with 1 crafting.

Many mentions the apes, guess I should really check that out. Thanks!

The craftables, ha! In one of my old character, I went crafting all afternoon that fish trophy thing to get lvl up. Don’t know what’s the fun in it, but a whole afternoon, like a production line worker, but I did enjoy it.

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Before server transfers, as a solo I could do about 5 hours to level 60.
Apes until 35, then tnt, followed by level 49 explosive arrows.

Apes gave me tons of tar,
brimstone from the ocean bottom during my runs.
I think it was like 26 explosive jars, so 2900 tar and brimstone and kill a few mini bosses. crystal was the last thing I would swipe from northrrn jungle cave. had it down to clock work tbh.

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Yup. Good! Easy to kill. Good enough Exp. And usually in a large enough shrewdness that respawns can keep you whacking on them for as long as you like.

LOL, the collective noun for apes is: shrewdness. :crazy_face:


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