Please fix pet spamming on pve-c/pve servers

Hi, on the server I play now 1036-c there is a lot of pet spam, players use this to revenge after being fairly killed in the PVP time. What I would like to see which would prevent a lot of lagging and stop this kind of griefing is a pet cap for every clan or player.

I’m not sure what number would make sense but something around maximum 50 each clan and max 4 animals pen would surely be an improvement. If it was up to me I would have said 5 :slight_smile: is more then enough.

This is a pve/pve-c problem and not so much a pvp problem.

Please give your opinion on this. I know a lot of the players who love to spam this everywhere might disagree with me and its ok, but you don`t really need 100s of pets to defend a base.

Changing the rules for where to place them would also be nice. maybe it should not be allowed to place a certain space away from your bed or something like that? me coming to your place dumping down 200 pets is not a cool mechanic the way I see it…

Yes, and I would like a rule for how they are allowed to be placed and how many you can place close to each other. Why should you be allowed to put 50 animals which really have no business staying close to each other in like a 30-meter square? Why should you put a hyena, lion, tiger, scorpion elephant, 1 meeter, away from each other, makes really no sense at all to me, it looks ugly and it also create performance issues on the servers.

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