Please Fix Purges

Purges are great - when you are online
Ive just been hit twice in quick succession when i’ve been offline.
In the last one I lost half my base, thralls, resources, crafting benches and ‘stuff’
I didn’t think it was meant to work like this since thralls dont seem to work yet defending your base

Yep. You know what I learned about purges last night? That there is a 4 hour window purge time. And it’s during my bedtime. So, I’m supposed to schedule myself for those 4 hours every time my purge meter is in range OR suffer the wrath of an offline purge. And this is supposed to be fun? Right? If I need a schedule for a game I’m done.

Not fun.

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this is why fighter/archer thralls for.

Or playing somewhere else that server wont purge offline people…

That’d be fine… if they didn’t put down their weapons after a bit, and then just do nothing :frowning:

So I’ve recently ran into a frost giant offline purge. What I’m doing is managing my purge meter to pop it on a weekend. The meter fills up with every action except grinding mats out so be careful of your actions. If your farming npcs the purge can happen. I like it it also falls in line 1 hr after PvP starts and 1 hr before it ends. Had 3 purged in one night while defending a base from a 10 man raid. The excitement was real. Still have my base. 3 man clan 4 life.

Hilarious comment. FIghter/Archer thralls don’t do anything. They have no hitpoints after you log out and they don’t attack anything.

But, thanks for the laugh.

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