Please fix PvE-C #1942!

I have played on this server for months with no issue. Suddenly this server is going over 100 ping for me. This disconnects me. This MUST be fixed. I am laying there with legendary gear on me, that can be robbed from me, just because the server is suddenly acting up.

Maybe the servers should be bumped up to 200 ping since there is so much lag on them recently.

1941 has issues now 2, just logged in and have a whole base that decayed only thing is my other bases are still here i should have had till 2maro to renew the decay, so did they changes decay times for diffrent tiers as this was a large t1 base and my 2 others were a t2 and a t3?

I got disconnected right outside my base. This was at about 10:25 pm eastern, so half hour before end of combat.

I get back in a few minutes ago, and go inside my base. There, I check inventory. Many things missing.

OK, I assumed somebody robbed me, took 4 named T4 crafters. But left legendary weapons, and other Flawless Epic armor, and other goodies? Weird, right?

OK, so then I check some boxes in the base. One I had T4 Crafters in, now only has Armorers. OK, that’s wack. Why take several carpenters of the same name, but leave all the named armorers, which are far more coveted than carpenters, right?

Something very odd is happening on that server. It needs to be fixed, or I am done with this game forever. Things take way too much time to get done, just to have somebody hacking in some manner, or DDOSing the server, or whatever is going on.

have you checked your event log for any entries that can explain what happened?

I did. Nothing. But, when I logged back in, everything was there. Seems somebody is tampering with the server though. I have played there for months, no problem. Today, I kept getting booted. Ping was swinging wildly between about 50 to 150. It was when it was going over 100 and staying for there for a bit, that I was being booted from the server.

At least one issue has been resolved.

Please be aware of the current global circumstances that are putting a strain on general internet performance, our servers included.
Apologies for the frustration.

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Understood, but with this being the case, shouldn’t the ping limit be raised? 150 or 200 would probably do it.

Wouldn’t it be better, if there are problems, to raise the ping allowed…for now? We want people inside, playing their games. Not going out and congregating with others, because they can’t get on their Conan server.

And while you are having problems, as you can see, other people are not. So what’s really going on? I used to get low pings on this server. Suddenly, just a few days ago, that changed.

I mean, look at it. I can’t even play on any of the servers in my favorites.

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