Please fix the collision on the Curtain props from the Derketo DLC

I’ll start off my noting that my character in this image is scaled down to 0.83 height, which might exaggerate the effect somewhat, but I think it demonstrates my point.

This image was taken after facing the curtain from the side and trying to walk into it. I get stopped like 3 feet away from the curtain. These props seem perfectly designed to frame doorways and passages, but trying to actually use them for this purpose is a pain because there’s so little room to walk between the collision boxes.

Please adjust them to more accurately fit the visual design of the curtains.

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I agree, based on what I’m reading here. But this needs to be changed or reposted under the correct format. There is a bug report section for each platform with a template to fill out.

Could you make sure and post this under your platform (and as a bug report) so it can be properly logged?


Done, thanks for the heads-up.

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