Please Fix the Constant Rain

I don’t even want to build in any areas that have this constant rain bug. It’s a nice effect, but when it’s so often, it feels unimmersive. Doesn’t help that it rains through ceilings, but just having it less frequent would be nice at least.

Feel like the whole world should be underwater by now with all the rain.


Foreshadowing, maybe? (@Barnes ?) :smiley:

The jungle and the highlands do get a ton of rain. Sometimes I think that the game client will get hung up or stuck on the rotations. Try exiting out of your server, and then go back in to see if that helps stop the rain.

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Yeah. When I was looking for a location to build my Tiny Homes contest entry, I found several very beautiful, scenic spots I would’ve liked, if not for all the rain, all the time. And as the rain penetrates into the interior as well, and the contest was all about interior decorations, I simply had to abandon these ideas.


Ill be completely honest here. At first it really bothered me, but now I just dont really notice it anymore. That said I wouldnt mind if they dialed it back a bit in the Highlands, but I actually like it in the Jungle, i suits its whole swampy, high rainfall lush green theme.


I agree the constant rain is depressing, I wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t rain inside as well, kind of defeats the purpose of building anything.

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