Please fix the game!

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: [UK]

Please stop putting new things into the game and fix the issues that are in the game since it came out in Early Access

New patch = AFK mode, but what about the thralls that sink into the ground AGAIN?! They are so hard now to catch one and while your running back to the wheel POOF his just gone!

It`s really annoying and it just sucks the fun out of the game

Thank you


Need the purge fixed.

Auto AFK Kick isn’t really a New Thing mate, probably only took an hour to implement.
They are working on other issues, many of which will take a while to fix.

Getting the Auto Kick out today was apparently of critical importance because it was affecting practically all of the official servers.
Especially true if there are many new customers who have just bought the game (which would add up to a considerably high monetary value) if they decided to refund within the allotted time.
This will at least give other waiting players a chance to get in the game.

There are definitely some pretty big issues atm. Our server after the update just crashes now. We closed it down until the bugs are fixed. With crashes now on top of connection issues… Whats the point if they are still releasing to testlive and not gonna keep the game playable? Sucks. Im sure eventually they will fix it but in the meantime… The game just seems like on big giant experiment that should have remained in early access for just a bit longer.

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