Please fix this awful thrall AI

I really wish Funcom would take the time to fix this broken thrall A.I because they are awful right now. It is really frustrating when my thrall refuses to fight. Sometimes they will run up to the enemy, but they will not attack the enemy. This happens a lot! especially when I equip them with a truncheon. This is why funcom should create a command wheel for thralls that allows us to give them commands, for example, Attack a targetted enemy.

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It’s not a problem in AI but a bug that happens when you switch weapon.

A known workaround is to re-equip previously “working” weapon, let the thrall attack something, than switch weapon in the thrall inventory exactly in the slot it has the one working.

If there is one thing that I think would work very well for this battle system, it is the use of those so called Gambits of FF12.

You would equip your companions with items consisting of assignments like,

  • When health under 20%, heal up
  • Attack strongest foe first
  • Attack weakest foe first, or last, etc…

It worked very well, and presented a fun minigame of its own.
Pretty sure that Conan Exile’s battle system could work it as well.
It does not seem that SE is using the Gambits anymore, so maybe it is something worth to consider.

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