Please, fix your game!

Going to start off by saying, I f**king love this game. This honestly, is the benchmark that I use for other survival/crafting type games. I have near 1000 hours in total, probably more than that including my Xbox time. I play on official servers only, and I run no mods. Now that I have said that and got it out of the way.

Fix. Your. F**king game.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

I managed to get my dad to start playing. We play on Siptah, and there is a bug that causes the game to crash if you are anywhere near the southern coast. Which we were. So the game crashed ALL THE TIME.

But, we waited it out. They fix the bug…and in putting in the new purge create server instability to the point of the game is near unplayable.

I start playing on a new exiles map…and die from sandstorm damage while in a completed base.

Now that is fixed, and I decide to lean into sorcery for the first time. I get my 3 zombies going, ready to go. I go to the tower of bats to attack the albino bat dude. He completely ignores me, my zombies don’t react at all even thou I told them to attack. Then the albino bat disappears. Not moves, not resumes attacking. Just vanishes. Does not come back at all. I give up, go back to base. Going to set my zombies in place and not only are they not with me but they cant reach where I am at.

I go to sacrifice some NPCs to get blood and souls only for the game to tell me I am not close enough to the sacrificial stone despite me standing right next to it.

I recently came back to the game, probably about the last month or so of Age of Sorcery. It has been nothing but a complete mess of a game since I came back.

Thankfully thou, you did find time to fix the giant horse dick problem. Obviously that was a “big” deal. (stifles laughing at dad joke)

Seriously thou. wtf are you guys doing lol.

rant over…for now.

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