Please, for Croms sake, Fix Conans Atlantian Sword!

It just simply deserves to be better! What’s so wrong with making it crafted at the blacksmithing bench? Whats so wrong with it trumping Teliths Sorrow? Look at the number of people who have been playing from day 1. It’s minimal! And the sword is no reward for having stuck around!

By Crom, it just needs updating and you might even get those day one players back, buying some dlc, and playing the game again just for the joy of using the sword!

And “If you’re not with me then to HELL with you!”


I wish even had got the sword… all I got was armor for my day 1 purchase. =(

I got both thanks to the Sony snafu…

As much as I agree that pay to play is bs, this is a bit different. No one can buy this, it was a reward for blind support for the game. And I and anyone else who has access to it has been playing for a year now. I have more legendary weapons on multiple servers than i care to count! I’ve beaten this game to the moon and back. My clan is ALWAYS the “Alpha” clan. It’s just every time I see that sword, I wish that I wasn’t forced to pick another sword over it.

And swords suck! Spears are the best combat! So it sucks even more to have such a useless trophy!

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But its wasn’t about “blind support” I nab pre-order that was up before release…and only got armor. There was no sword offered.

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