Please Funcom... add a queue to server joining

Trying to join a server is a pain… it feels so much like ark when sometimes there is no ending to pressing the X button to join a server.

It would be much better to add a queue option, it took me over an hour to try and join my server I play on and couldn’t join once. Now I have to go to work xD oh well… time wasted I guess.

This is also the main reason why it is holding me back to buy anything from your game. As long as things like this aren’t fixed, you won’t see me buying anything from you… sorry.


There could be a qeue option, but whether you’re able to join will be depending on your connection etc. etc. and this might cause some time-out issues, keep that in mind.

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This game desperately Needs a que option. Rust has a que option that works perfectly

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Trying to join without queue does suck alot

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