Please funcom, we beg of you

Restart the servers lol The PVE one I am on now is lagging to the point of being virtually unplayable.
I can’t tell if these issues are bugs or lag; I’m leaning to lag.


I have to agree. I am not sure if the thralls have become incresingly idiotic or if the lag has affected them to the point that they just cannot respond correctly. I have also seen NCP’s stop fighting me and just run about 30 yards away and start swinging their weapons at a tree… Again, this COULD be lag. Or it could be a bug. I am not sure. Made it an easy kill for me so :woman_shrugging:


I believe the “too far” issue many of us are having with the sorcery stations is caused by the lag. Never once seen this issue pop up before on better running servers

She went down during the night and is broke now. HEY FUNCOM, your only official NA server is down, has been for a while.

I think I’ll coin the phrase “this is so funcom”.

At least you got your wish, it will be restarted.

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I wouldn’t go as far as asking for a server wipe, if some old player wants to play in his lag feast wher he has endless chests full of loot with his infinite ressources and nothing to do in the game bessides build even more untill someone reports him and funcom wipes him, thats fine for me.

What ive been asking from time to time is for us to have a NEW server. Everyone starting all over, no lag feasts and bringing back the fun encounters etc.

Giving new and returning players coming for the 3.0 update the feeling of a fresh start would just be amazing.
Starting in a server and building a new home, meeting completly new people.
Instead of the log in a new server and immediately see a huge laggy base, all spots are taken, no one leaves theyr house to have interactions because they just online looking at theyr cool house and all of theyr chests.

Oh Crom… i wish we had a New server :slight_smile:

First they actually have to start the server. Has been down a while, not sure it will be back up any time soon.

Funcom is really making US feel like a red headed stepchild.

Official Testlive servers have customarily been operated under the premise of no reboots during hard testing phase. It has been expressed by the team that they wish to see the worst case scenario, if available, which could and may include a weekend outage. Let’s not be quite so harsh, please. :smiling_face:


Well it is a test server. Right now they are testing our patience. :stuck_out_tongue:


No pyramid ever got built with out the lash of a whip.

Pharaoh’s lash swept an empty hall
The leather tails tamed only a still and cold block of stone
For the Taskmaster had been taken
And the poxy slaves were in repose

The server owner has been burning the candle at both ends recently. It takes a manual poke from him to get the thing rebooted – otherwise it sits and waits for diagnostics. This has been my experience. :adnyplz:

Agree… The NA server is so overloaded it’s difficult to actually test play on it. Funcom you needs to open up some more servers and reduced the number of players if you really want a good test run on AoS.

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