Please give an option to use 'smart' mod loading

I would like to request a change to which mods are loaded and when.

currently, it would seem the mods i have loaded for my private server are loaded into memory as the game first starts and shows the main menu selection screen. if i were to select the local server, i load into it after a brief(ish) time. but… if i select another server which uses a different set of mods, the game will check to see if i have the needed mods, dnload if needed, restart the client but this time loading the mods for the new server… and load into the game.

this process takes quite a bit of time.

many of us might play on one server for at least a few days. as such, restarting the game shouldn’t have to constantly reload the client ui with the destination servers mod list.

my request is… when i first start the client, my local mod list is used. if i select another server, a new mod list will come down and the client restarts. BUT… the next time i start the client, the mod list would NOT be my local server mod list but the mod list of the last server i logged into.

doing this would allow me to select the server i played on yesterday but its mods are already loaded into memory… therefore, no client restart. just log into the server.

this should save load times and reduce unnecessary mod loading


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Have you tried not loading any mods in the launcher and using the continue button instead. If I don’t load any mods for let’s say a single player game, the launcher seems to remember the last used servermodlist when I press continue.

This launcher is a webshop.

A proper launcher should check for a server list and download lists of mods. Prior to starting the complicated things of configuring the game.