Please give us a cosmetics only DLC!

One with a dozen new hairstyles for women AND a dozen new hairstyles for men! More makeup options. More decorative warpaints based on the various cultures. Let us wear these OVER the functional warpaints! More scars. Statless CLOTHING based on various cultures. And, if at all possible, JEWELRY! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, armbands, and circlets. Yes, there IS a market for purely cosmetic stuff. I hope you’ll consider it.


Yes. Thats something i would love to.

I was sad about last dlcs that they had no deco and just petskins.
Pets are nice but i like more to decorate and build up.
Would be nice if there can be a possible alternative to choose


I’d love a purely cosmetic DLC with new hair-/bearstyles and maybe faces as well.

Hairstyles I’d love to see

Greco-roman styles for male & female
longer, braided hair for male (take some inspirations fron TES 5: Skyrim)
Darfari hairstyles (basically short afro-style) for male & female
Asian-style topknot for male & female


a classic braided Pharaoh-style beard
a classic Van Arthur beard (basically a classic swashbuckler style, useful for Zingarans)
a thin moustache
a Fu Manchu beard (long asian-style moustache with goatee)

Face options:

Younger and older versions of the existing faces would be good start (perhaps add an age slider?)


LOL Barber in Conan :smiley:

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I would love some more cosmetic stuff, however I’m not sure that putting an enhanced character creation behind a paywall would be well received by the community generally. It seems like the sort of thing that should be part of the base game and available to everybody.

More importantly, there could also be an issue with how Funcom locks DLC content from being accessible/moddable. I’m not sure if it would be possible to implement changes to char-creation without causing grief to mods that deal with that stuff.

That said, I’d be all for a bunch of clothing, ornaments, armors and warpaints.

Getting more character creation options in a free update would be preferable of course, but I doubt we’ll ever see that happen. FunCom needs to make money after all and I have no issues with that.

As far as modding goes, that’s a good point. I think it would work with mods like Pippi or CharEdit lite, since they can access the warpaint options from the DLCs (provided you have access to the DLCs, otherwise these options show up as blank). But being no modder myself, I can’t say that for sure.

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Don’t get me wrong. I’d buy it… I just wouldn’t be entirely happy about it.

I have no idea how much work it would take, say compared to adding a dungeon or pet update or whatever.

I actually think the way Funcom has been doing DLCs has been excellent. Purely cosmetic stuff with a wide variety of building/armor styles to choose from if any take your fancy. Yet the base game has more than adequate stuff, so you never feel especially compelled to get them.

In contrast, the character creation is kind of bare bones. It’s serviceable, but lacking, so paying to enhance it isn’t ideal, as you say. If that’s what it takes though, I’d be cool with it.

Yeah, warpaints would be no problem, I was more worried about heads and hair. I’m no modder/coder either, though those seem less like things you could just drop in. I really have no idea, was just voicing a concern.

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I would love to see cosmetic DLCs too, something different from these long delayed and repetitive DLCs we are getting

I suggested something like this a long time ago, we should really have DLCs based in Conan lore characters! Those DLCs could come with new hairstyles, new armor, new voices, new weapons, even new combat animations all based in the character!

Funcom has released too many DLCs that offer pretty much the same, we dont need new structure tiers at this point. I think we should get more character focus for a change in the next DLCs


The inventory clutter could be avoided if FunCom would just keep the unlock cost of 0 but didn’t unlock every DLC item automatically. That’s one of my main gripes with all current DLCs, the amount of stuff cluttering my inventory and crafting stations.


One thing I slightly dislike is that I can craft all the normal artisan stuff on a DLC artisan table. If I wanted those items, I would just craft a normal artisan table.


I want them to keep making building DLCs because I want a truly huge variety of cultural styles. As well as the decorative placeables to go with them! But I REALLY want varied building styles in Tier 1 and Tier 2!

I do agree that the inventory system is far less than ideal and I hope they’ll address that in a base game patch one day.

I’ll also be the first to say that they need to step up their character creation game. They really skimped there and it shows. Still, I’m willing to pay for additional cosmetics like hairs and makeup and tats and decorative warpaints. I like the idea @Asteria had but rather than make it Howard character specific I’d like to see it be cultural. Something that includes hair, makeup, warpaint, tats, EMOTES, actual clothing rather than just armor, and MORE DANCES all based in a specific culture would make me giddy with joy! LOL


This guy says hi:

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OMG YES! LOL Sweeney Todd the Barbarian Barber! Now I want this! :rofl:

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