Please help, Need files for game

I’ve recently uninstalled my game due to recent constant crashing of my PC, and when I reinstalled the game obviously had gone back to default settings. The way I’d had it set before, All of my settings were on the very lowest, I’d had my default resolution set to windowed 800 x 600 because this is the only way my PC wouldn’t crash, Well now I don’t have those settings and the game won’t even let me to the main menu. So therefore it hasn’t written the settings in my local files, So I can’t change my settings back down to the very lowest ones. I need someone willing to please get in touch with me on discord so that they can please help or send me a copy of the games files of the very lowest possible settings. And another weird thing is that since I’d changed the settings in the files to make my resolution 800 x 600 the game for some reason still put the game into full-screen mode every time, So each time I’d got to the menu I had to change it back to windowed before I joined a server or i’d crash. If anyone knows how to change that so It’ll automatically be in windowed mode in the settings on startup please let me know.

This game has really helped me through a tough time in my life and I’d not been able to get on since this started happening, I’d been told I need a new GPU but currently don’t have any money, or a job for that matter to even start making money for a new GPU. So I’m hoping that I can fix this if I get those super low settings back, And It would work just as it did before. So please, Someone, Please help me Because as I’d said this game really helped me drown out the really bad stuff happening around me and since it stopped working I’ve been having a really bad time emotionally.

Discord: Timur#8501

Try to edit your Game.ini. There is graphicsQualityType variable, assign Low to it. There too many personal settings to share those files with anyone.

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