Please help! The game kept me logged in even after sign out!

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Co-op
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Co-Op

Bug Description:

It kept us logged in after signing out and turnning off the Xbox. Looking at the logs the server was still running even while the players were not online, all gear on hand was lost. Loot bag decayed 1 hour before I even logged in. I would like my things back please.

Bug Reproduction:

Logged out and turned off system? Yet it kept us logged in.

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Where you hosting the co-op game or someone else? @LunariGlaistig

Welcome to the Forum. Funcom can’t reimburse your items. Have you saved to the cloud?

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Did you completely Exit out of the game, or did you leave it active using Quick Resume? Is your Console of Energy Saver mode if that is the case?


I was hosting it and after many crashes I got back in and signed out.

I’m on an Xbox so wouldn’t it be the cloud?

I’m afraid it might of crashed during the log out. Also no I removed energy saving.
I’m so afraid it will just keep doing this…


On Ps4 you have a option to save to the cloud or not. Have no experience with Xbox. Wish I could help out more. @Community any suggestions.

She backed right out to the main menu. At that point it shouldn’t even be running. We hadn’t touched the world in over a day. It should not have been running at all.

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Xbox automatically takes save games and syncs it to the cloud incase the console breaks. However we cannot roll back our saves. Infact I have really been wanting to extract her save so we can turn it into a server with G-Portal.

So Funcom can’t stop it from just taking everything? I have enjoyed the game despite the large glitches, yet if it just takes everything away… I just want to enjoy it… Without the crashes, without the losing everything or falling through the earth… Without having my pets and thralls go poof and disappear or npcs being invisible.

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I have found that playing on our private Gportal server the game is much stable. Have had one for years. A 10 slot is not to expensive and allows you play without tethering. A real bonus. You can also lock it up and invite only friends. Have seen no option to move a console save to Gportal

You can also turn off decay

It’s so sad, I guess my best options are pay money or suffer through instability and turn off decay before logging off so in case it kills me again my things will still be there.

Saddest part is one hour before I logged in it said my things decayed. I’m still a bit devastated.

Thank you so much for being the sweetest person on here. I love the world of Conan and I grew up reading the comics, books and watching the movies. It will always have a deep place in my heart. Yet I can’t afford even a server at the moment. So thank you so much for giving me a few ideas, so I don’t have to say goodbye to this beloved game.

You are welcome. Have you tried a official pve server. They do have a 7 day decay rate.

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I didn’t go to the servers cause there are so many numbers and at the time I was streaming the game on twitch. I thought it would have been less lag alone with just 2 others.

before you think all streamer have money I just started and I have yet to have any flowing in.

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When using a console for coop puts more strain on machine than online it has to work harder