Please Help With Singleplayer Settings

It depends on… If you are a good fighter or if you are just builder and explorer like me.

im all 3

Then just try various settings and begin your game anew. I did it several times.

Start with decadent (normal). It´s ok. After some playing you will see. If you are on PC, you find many autosaves in the “ConanSandbox\Saved” folder.
“game.db” is the active game, “game_backup_x.db” are autosaves.
To use it, you can delete/put away “game.db” and rename any “game_backup_x.db” to “game.db”.

Many server settings in singleplayer don’t matter. Several values are set directly for online servers, so you should change them.

The time for crafting thralls and pets is long, on online servers time flows even when you don’t play, while singleplayer time only flows when you play. Therefore, change the values:


  • Thrall crafting time multiplier - reduce the value (if you play about 2 hours a day, you can set it to 0.1, if you play shorter you can set it even less)

Pet and Hunger

  • Animal Pen Crafting Time Multiplier - reduce the value (same as above, with 2 hours a day, on 0.1)

During single player you don’t have to fight against other players. If you want to feel a little less confident, like a PvP server, you can speed up the appearance of purge attacks:


  • Purge Level - leave 6 (you don’t have to be afraid of this value, the strongest attacks will take place only from time to time and not in all locations)
  • Purge Meter Trigger value - decrease (I have 5000)
  • Purge meter update interval - decrease (I have 15)

Attention! There is a value that can be set only when starting a new game (later you can only change it by editing the game files).


  • Land claim radius multiplier - decreasing the value will cause that raw materials appear near the buildings you build, but the game may work a little worse.
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there should be an option to lower bosses HP pool

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You’re right @Cyryus , the value of HP bosses is set under multiplayer and you can’t change it.

However, I think that when you have a strong thrall, you can kill every boss in a decent time.

Yes, that’s something i don’t really like at all about this game, it’s like pokemon, they do everything for you
playing without them is perfectly doable, but is way faster with a thrall

Hi Flylgnite and welcome to the community! I would wager by now that you have already discovered this setting, but just in case, I will say it anyway. My first piece of advice to any Singleplayer such as myself is to to turn off the ‘drop equipment on death’ option (unless you like it). Here is what you do:

*Pause the game, and use the LT/RT to scroll over to Settings -> Server Settings -> General -> Make Me Admin. From there scroll down the ‘Survival’ option and ensure that ‘drop equipment on death’ is unchecked.

*Another thing I like to point out is after you have made yourself Admin, if you check the map you will notice that you now have a new option to ‘Admin Teleport’ (Triangle button on ps4, not sure about Xbox1 and PC). This will let you teleport yourself anywhere on the map. It can be used as a Fast Travel system of sorts if you only have limited play time such as myself, and will tie you over until you can build yourself a Maproom.

However a word of caution: if you go straight to high level biomes such as the Unnamed City, Frozen North and Volcano, you will encounter some VERY powerful temperature effects and enemies there. If you are still getting a feel for the game and are a fairly low level, I would strongly advise you to avoid them until better prepared.


Croms faithful, verysound advice the drop on death really made life and time spent alot kinder in the early stages. The admin teleport I had no idea so am gonna see how it works for me. What temp effects do u get in unnamed city? I’m looking to get the map room soon

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Thankyou Jurb, Im happy to help. Yeah turning off the ‘drop equipment on death’ option is such a huge QoL inprovement for Singleplayers. Drop equipment on death is more geared toward/intended for PvP mode; you get to take all of their gear as a ‘reward’ for killing them. For me and many other Singleplayers its just a pain in the neck. But then some players do like the extra layer of challenge presented in having to grab and run to get your posessions back. Its a preference thing.

The Unnamed City is more of a ‘hot’ biome, so you would be better off with heat resistance gear if you wish to have a try of it. Although the temperatures there are not that extreme at all. Certainly not compared to the Frozen North or Volcano. Its biggest environmental hazard is actually the amounts of Corruption that both the city itself, and some of its denizens give off. You could take a Dancer with you or some Cleansing Brew if you can make yet. Otherwise, named Relic Hunter treaure seekers drop ‘Heart of a Hero’, which when eaten :smiling_imp: removes a lot of it. Be prepared if you are low level though Jurb, there are some seriously powerful monsters there, including bosses. Make sure any thrall taken is expendable. The Unnamed City and Volcano are the two hardest biomes. Also there is virtually no Water there at all, so be well stocked on it.

That said, if you are just after the Maproom recipe, it definately doable to run straight there, talk to The Archivist who gives the recipe then bail. Considering it takes a good few resources to build, getting the recipe earlier on is a sound idea. He is located inside The Archives at coordinates D,6 on the Map. On that note, here is a fairly helpful online map for yourself and FlyIgnite if you guys should need it.

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The archivist isn’t always in the Archives. For me 8 out of 10 times he’s above it. That’s when the admin teleport is useful. If you don’t find the Archivist in the Archives, bring the map and move the cursor to where your character is then hit the key to teleport (triangle on PS4). You’ll be teleported just above the Archives where the Archivist is likely to be.


Player damage to 2.0 (If your fine with 1.0…leave it)

Stamina is a pet peeve… so 0.7 to 0.5.

I hate mircomanaging… so food/thrist drain is 0.7 to 0.5 (give or take patch, or console/pc, you may be stuck with 0.1 or 0.5 and 1.0 etc.

Fuel burn x2… thou mostly helpful at start… By then, I’m swimming in Dry wood… cause you never produce enough resin to counter it. So little use for Coal collecting. (has same burn time)

Land Claim, .33 3 foundations out, is were stuff respawns. Handy if you want keep trees and bushes near your home.
In Singleplayer. Doesnt really effect performance to much. Since theres no server side cilent going back n forth.

Decay you can turn off, little reason for it.

Food decay… I knocked down a smedge, so i dont have to over horde.

Purge, default setting myself. (max)
But I check “allow building” Since your alone, you need some form of advantage when stuff goes bad) And I set time from 10am to 2am. (when I’m awake and kicking…so purge doesnt happen at 4am when i stayed up late…lol)
You can change interval to 5mins to speed it up. Just remember you can turn on god mode when stuff hits the fan…

Loot dropped on death is hit it miss. I can replace everything if it goes in floor… I leave it on.

Most of setting you dont need toy with. they effect the game, but you’ll rarely need to change it.

They’ve buff exp gain so many times, cause “everyone” wants be lv60 “Now” and not later.
So I set mine to 0.5 and 0.5 kills and basic gains… You’ll get to 40 fairly quickly, you’ll need to explore and actually kill and journal to hit 60cap.

On base game setting, you’ll be 60 before your even ready to take on world bosses. (inless you know how…)

I turn build damage down to 0.1 (this effect you hitting your own stuff) so if you punch a table with iron cup, or standing torch… you wont break it in one hit. XD

Days are abit weird… so i set day cycle to 0.7ish. It lets them last abit more, along with nights.

Most of crafting timers are fine, outside pet ones. I go station to stations and craft stuff, so the default times are fine.
However… it takes several hours to turn a pet over. You may want to decrease that, so you can get a pet done in 1 gameplay sitting.

Respawn timer make little difference in singleplayer, leave them at default. They are bigger preformce hit when shorten’d. In Single Player, there is no Cilent-Server going on, so anything outside a set range, will just go poof and reset to save on memory. the Iron you just gather 5min walk away from base? It likely back by time you walk back to it.

Same as NPC respawns, once your 1min walk away, they are already respawned.

Harvesting… Cheat and give yourself a Starmetal axe and pick.(or lesser) At default with right tools, you’ll gain enough.
If your gonna change this, your gonna constantly dumping items cause you got 100feral scraps of 1 hyena.
it can be handy to get 5000stones quickly… but murder on basic items filling inventory non-stop.
What ever time you saved on one end… is spent tossing items.
If you really need 5000stone or 10k wood… use better tool. Will keep game fairish.
If your in hurry, admin panel it. Give yourself 1000 and 1000, set your crafting stations. And go farm rest.

Sp wise…play wise. Pets and thralls can win the day, But everything can pretty much be solo’d by you, and you alone. (minus free updates stuff…few things that are just not set up to be friendly to SP players. )

I suggest playing on default.
Figure out what bugs you, and make small-dinky changes. If your lucky… you’ll restart 3-4 times and find yourself with personal setting the fit you like a glove.

Thats were I’m at, I got my character making down pat, and my server setting all set every-time I restart.


I am fairly certain that this issue has been largely resolved now Shadoza. My thralls and pets seem to follow me through both the Maproom and Admin teleport fine nowadays. But it should be noted that I dont tend to use them very often, perhaps only 20% of occasions.

I have honestly never tried to use this feature myself, largely due to issues such as this being reported by other players. Do you know, is it possible to reset the Feat point count in the panel? I have also never used god mode. Can it be switched off again too?

So all of those can be toggled on and off at will?

I have yet to tinker with many of its options. I usually only use the Admin Panel to replace items lost as a result of bugs. Or occasionally to explore the Outer Rim.

What was the silly thing you are talking about? I once Admin summoned The Mummy of the Ring so I can get a better look at him. However in his current state he felt very weak and unfinished. To any be warned though; using the ‘kill all spawned creatures’ command on him does complete the Journey Step.

Well that certainly detracts from their cuteness. :laughing: Shadoza has this only occurred fairly recently? Because myself and my partner are having issues with thralls appearing in this fair skinned human male model recently. As a fellow Singleplayer, are you also experiencing this with thralls breaking…? If so, by all means add your own voice to my bug report thread.

Each new game I play I spawn The Captain using the admin panel since he doesn’t spawn normally any more. I never noticed any changes in appearance after going out the wheel.
But since I returned to play a month ago, after a break in August and September, I don’t need to spawn The Captain 3 or 4 times to get the female version. Now she spawns right at the 1st try. I wonder if it’s because my character is female too because it’s the same with other thralls who can be either male or female. Now I always get the female on the first spawn. And I didn’t try to spawn the same thrall more than one time. I prefer to have each named thrall to not be the same.

This has occurred a number of times, but I have not been playing enough as of late to establish an accurate the level of frequency. For the record though, these thralks were captured and broken normally, not spawned via the Admin Panel.

Gender, type and level all seem to be irrelevant thus far. You dont have to go out of your way to do that Shadoza, but you csn if that is what you wish to do. I was just wondering if you had some form of my bug being a fellow Singleplsyer, and getting old csucasian dude spawning in ehen they are not supposed to.

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