PLEASE I BEG YOU, make the earthquake stops (summoning pools)

:point_up_2: this

I GOT screenshaking close to the leyshrine of the serpent.

how about , the screenshaking only happens to the person summoning? and not everyone… or simply restrickt the shaking to the pool area?

this constant screen shaking can make people suffer epilepsy attacks (very sensitve people could)

i am ok, if you want to have it, make it so its radius is much more smaller ) but not needed for everyone every time some1 summon something. and for people that is not close to the area. asking for that as it is, can be dangerous for some people, not even going into the annoying part (my case)

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also should not play videogames


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why? most games out there, does not rule out this kind of people , some even place a warning , when game is launched, saying that game could potentially be dangerous to certain type of people,

now besides that, i cant understand why you cant see how annoying it is to have the screen shake for 2 hours almost non stop, because 2 clans decide to summon wioth dozen of statues (i am guessing until they ran out of them) i would not mind if it happens every 5 or 10 minutes, but like everytime… its just annoying. and makes the game almost unplayable for a lot of people. maybe a cooldown if 5 to 10 minutes will do the trick? if they want to keep the screenshaking as it is.

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It just on new region but its too OP i cant even aim to build thing while they summoning, like 10 quakes in 10 minutes… reduce the range of this thing only inside of greyones city where players not building anyway…

nope. i got a place in the old map with a view to the new areas, and i get screenshaking, i also think i got it at the leyshrines and in siptah ascension.

then its something on client side maybe because when i am out of new map region ( i know someone was summoning ) i did not get rumbles… only tremors come when i am inside but so much i misplaced buildings 3 times

i would pretty much love to disable it. if possible

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Options for players are still the way to go. Agree !

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Or simple have an option to disable screen shake, lots of games do this
But not entirely sure if that’s fair for everyone, cause its there for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:

on the other hand it is not Fair to everyone to have that thing enabled. what about the people that can be affected and provoke an epilepsy attack? would the option to disable it, make conan accesible and enjoyable for them? i find it extremely annoying…

ok care to explain why do you think having the option to shut down the screen shaking might be not fair to “every1?”

its there for a reason? yes it is annoying if 2 or 3 pools are being used by a clans holding tons of statues, try to build , or aim with your bow while this thing keeps shaking almost non stop, and tell me if its fun.

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I get your point, and sure you’re right
But the same goes for colour blindness, it can be abused by people that see it right

(the colour of blood is then blue and stands out very much, this was a terrible issue with PUBG for example)

There’s an important difference. Color blind people might not be able to play the game effectively, but that won’t harm them in real life. There are people who can actually get sick from screen shakes.

This is why people have also been asking for an option to disable the shake when using picks, pickaxes, and axes.


There seems to be a mixed answer on the specifics on up to where the screen shake goes. Suffice it to say change is needed.
I will also go so far as to say that the developers are allowed to decide what they want for the direction of the game and all the FX considered even if we the players don’t always like/agree with it. I like the effect and feel it will take away from the desired mood if it is scrapped (It looks cool AF with the water explosion effect :metal: ).

SO! What to do? Well…

Making a toggle switch to disable screen shake would be the best way forward IMHO.
One cannot ignore people who suffer from conditions even though they may or may not be in the minority.

  • Lessen the area to in and around the pools
  • Make a toggle switch for those who prefer it off (by default would be on)

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Don’t get me wrong I agree with you guys haha


This issue should be fixed with 2.4.2. You can find the patch notes here:


I hope they simply just incoporate this into “Enable Camera Shake”. So player are able to simply opt in and out, but yeah the range to its effect of shaking a players screen is way beyond the Summoning Pools and their ruins and def needs a quick hotfix.


Not entirely fixed, would love to have the option to disable it entirely. but this is at least better than it was

Hey Palm522,

There is a setting for you to turn screen shake off. If this does not save, see below reply and leave a comment on the post if it persists:

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