Please implement typing "I Agree" when recreating the character

I came back to conan to check out the new updates… Leveled to 60, everything is good…
Suddenly, while trying to remove the bracelet , I clicked on recreate character by accident.

It’s the second time I do this in 3 years… We should have to type something like “I Agree”, or “delete character” to avoid accidents.

The remove bracelet and the recreate character buttons are way too close together, and I know many people who has had the same accident.

It is heart breaking and game uninstalling when this happens.

Thank you!

–EDIT-- many games have this feature… World of warcraft, Dekaron, Lost Ark, and more.


Once, when I was a corporate programmer, a key business unit once asked for a “Are you REALLY sure?” dialogue box after the “Are you sure?” dialogue box. We all laughed. And we didn’t do it.

At some points ya gotta put your big boy pants on and be responsible for the things you do. For them, it was “maybe you need training?”. In this case, I dunno, it’s a game so try not to do it, by like using your eyes and hands and brain and stuff?

I’m not perfect, or course, but how many training wheels do we need really?

Personally I get irritated by too many interventions that try to “help” me. If I clicked it, then that’s what I meant to click, so do what I said, computer!

(Oh and on a side note, we did a related study at that company in a different case and saw the thousands of dollars we could save by simply removing junk dialogue checks that slow people down. Guess what; the company chose to save money and fire people who were bad at their jobs, rather than slow everyone down. Just a fun anecdote.)


Yes its far dangurus close and to easy to do mistakes. Its need a conferming “Agree i Deleat” step in it and maybe an 10 min debuff so you can go back and save it.


As a counterpoint, when I worked at Amazon, actions that would affect a whole fleet of servers had three checkboxes on the web page: two of them stating that you understood different aspects and ramifications of what you were about to do, and the third one saying something along the lines of “I am just checking all the checkboxes without reading them”. And, of course, the system wouldn’t let you proceed if you checked the last box.

I’ve also seen forms that require you to type in “yes” into a text box. Rachel Kroll, of the “Rachel By The Bay” blog fame, recently wrote a blog post in which she proposes implementing forms that ask you to type in the exact number of affected machines into a textbox before proceeding, an information that would be given to you on the same page and you would just have to acknowledge it and be aware of it.

These ideas are not new and they’re not worthless, either. It’s the equivalent of “pointing and calling” method used by Japanese train engineers. When the consequences of a wrong decision are severe, it helps to have something to prevent accidents.

In Conan Exiles, “remove bracelet” and “recreate character” are right next to each other. Even moving them away from each other would help, but a simple “THIS WILL DELETE YOUR CHARACTER, ARE YOU SURE” shouldn’t be too much to ask for.


I agree with you. I am also a programmer. ASM, C, C++, C#, SQL. I make drivers, software, game cheats, trainers, anti cheat bypass, Databases etc… I know exactly what you mean by slowing people down and stuff… I try to be as efficient as I can to provide user experience, and code performance. I refine everything I can. (BTW, I don’t cheat on Conan Exiles, only on some FPS games, so lets not be mad at me here).

But, in this very specific case, players don’t often want to re-create a character on purpose, but they often want to remove the bracelet on purpose. In Conan Exiles, people don’t really have a big reason to re-create their character, unless they want to for example, create a shorter character because they realized shorter characters can fit where taller characters cant… Anyways… I uninstalled the game Again !!!

After some big frustration because of not liking the new map, blablabla, My friends called me “hey, lets check out the new major update, thralls, healing, farming, everything was impacted, lets play the new game and see if we like it”… I spent 3 days in an official server, Isle of Siptah trying like it, leveled to 60, learned some recipes… Suddenly I was trying to remove the bracelet to teleport back to my bedroll… Instead, I clicked on recreate character. That was the end for me! I instantly pressed Alt-F4 and uninstalled the game! It was my mistake, yeah, but throwing away 3 days of my life on a slow official server, and trying to re-like a game I started to hate because of a few other things, and trying to get back to it… I don’t know… I just uninstalled the game out of frustration… Maybe in another 3 to 6 months I will re install it who knows…

But I 100% know that having a textBox requiring us to type “I Agree”, would 100% help us not to do this accident. Imagine a player that spent months and months learning all the recipes and then accidentally clicks on RECREATE character… They will FOR SURE press Alt-F4 and be pissed out of their mind.

Trust me… accidently recreating your character in conan exiles is too easy to do man. It made me uninstall the game for a while both time’s i’ve done it so far. And will probably make me uninstall it again if I do it again someday. The buttons to remove bracelet and recreate character are WAY TOO CLOSE,… way too close, way too close, end of discussion. We need to have a textBox for this feature too.Or, put this button hidden somewhere and click on YES TWICE or THREE TIMES to recreate the character.

I am sad I had to uninstall the game yesterday but the frustration took over!!!

How many people have done the same out of frustration? I can only imagine.


Wow. You must be pretty amazing… What makes you think you can talk down to someone like that? He made a very practical suggestion and said it respectfully. The options ARE too close together, and if you are on a raid or something, adrenaline could make you make mistakes. Not to mention that the game does lag and if you are working fast the game may select something you didnt want.

I personally have not had this happen, but many times have almost done so. So even if its not your experience, try to understand that it may have happened to others. Moving the “recreate character” option wont effect you and your amazing coordination, Im sure.


That’s odd. As I recall, I always get a sign on screen saying “This will delete your structures etc.” when I do a recreate :thinking:

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it wouldn’t be a problem if the vanity mirror wasnt bugged.
No need for confirmations, only to work as intended.

Then I’m sure you’re familiar with the UNIX shell. What stops you from doing something destructive when you type a command? Nothing. What does it say when the action is completed? Absolutely nothing.

At least Conan Exiles sends you to the character creation screen to let you know the operation succeeded. :slight_smile:

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Yes and that loks almost as “you will die by doing that” thats lock almost the same so unless you realy read the text you domt se the diferens, and when you have done it 100 times you dont realy read it…


^^^ This…

Big problem is, during raid hours when you are raiding, your heart is pumping and pumping… You just don’t read…

In my opinion it is a mistake having the recreate character and remove bracelet button right next to each other. Because you get a popup with both options, and you never read it. The buttons are too too close. way too close.

And to answer your statement:
You said:
Then I’m sure you’re familiar with the UNIX shell. What stops you from doing something destructive when you type a command? Nothing. What does it say when the action is completed? Absolutely nothing.


In any shell, when you are typing a command, you are manually writing the instruction to be executed. In conan exiles, miss clicking about 10 pixles off in the Y coordinates of your screen, will calse this accident. Conan is not a terminal, conan is a game.


There’s a reason most companies don’t allow most of their employees to simply SSH into production and sudo rm -rf / :wink:


Thats pretty funny and intertesting. I wonder if someone previously made a gigantic mess and they had to come up with something like this xD

Many games (usually RPGs in general) are very careful around deleting characters/items too. By default they ask you to type the name of the character in order to delete it too. Better to add a small hassle than having to deal with hundreds of people complaining about lost items/characters i guess





i think this is more than clear and if you don’t react to this difference then further confirmation dialogs won’t move you out of your click tunnel either

you only have to think about 1 time consciously:
short text/small box => good
long text/big box => bad


Did they change that recently or was it always like that? I could’ve sworn it used to say something a lot shorter.

I dont know but they have to separet thos 2 buttons so they arnt next to etchother to

hehe sins EA i think.

more confirmation than this?


but why? It’s very detailed and you have to click twice… more confirmation would not change anything if you do not read :man_shrugging:

how many times have you already completely deleted your character?


If its so good as you say, whay do so many misclick and lose the game then? And the main problem is that the 2 buttons are next to etchoter.

Those two buttons feel like they should not be on the options menu panel. Or maybe just not first on the list.

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