Please make 2 tier walls for previous dlc

As the topic says, please make 2 tier walls for previous dlc. You know we need to make 2 story buildings to fit most upgraded crafting stations so please address this with walls that accommodate this for previous dlc not just for the new walls that we can’t get unless we pay for them. We already paid for the previous dlcs so just add the walls we need. Show a little gratitude to your day one customers who made this game a success to begin with by making the content we already paid for just a little better. Thanks!

Is there a specific reason, beyond possible aesthetics, why you couldn’t just place two walls on top of each other?

I do like the possibilities offered by two-story walls, such as taller windows, vines or other similar decorations, but I find it unlikely that they’d add new content to old DLCs. (I did rant about the Derketo DLC’s one-sided curtains, but back then the answer was that they had no intention of adding the other half of the curtains. So I wouldn’t hold my breath while waiting for anything to be added to the old DLCs.)

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Obligatory :rage::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry: now that you’ve reminded me.


Just the simple fact that we shouldn’t have to. Walls are one story tall. Upgraded crafting stations are taller and can’t fit inside a one story building. That alone is silly and a very simple fix. Obviously they have the coding to make two story walls already so just add it to what we already paid for. It’s a simple upgrade but I do agree it is unlikely that they will do it.

If we never ask they are guaranteed to never do it. At least I’ve asked lol

It’s this part that tends to be fantasy, unfortunately. Most things we buy, we don’t expect the seller to add free extras years after the fact. If I buy a car, I expect the seller to fix any mechanical problems that were not caused by my mishandling of the vehicle or natural wear and tear, but I don’t expect the seller to offer me free refills just because the car he sold me needs gasoline to operate.

You can surely expect more different tier building pieces in Bazaar / BP in the upcoming Ages. Get your wallet ready :moneybag:


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