Please make event log optional server setting

My friends and I have been playing CE for about a year now in early access and we were really happy to see it released with so many great improvements.

HOWEVER, one new feature has really killed our ability to raid - namely the EVENT LOG. It used to be, a small clan like ours could raid bigger ones with impunity. They would come up with defenses, we’d figure out a way around them, getting caught was always possible (which made it all the more thrilling) and after a successful heist we’d have to lay low to ensure no one suspected us. Sometimes others in game gave us up and PVP ensued, sometimes we got away clean - either way it was a lot of fun.

The new event log takes all that kind of gameplay and flushes it down the toilet. No longer can we truly roleplay a thieves guild. Now if we even look at a big clan funny or (God forbid) kill one of their thralls, we get slammed into the stone age. I’ve talked with other clans and they tell similar stories. Sure the game is PVP, but with the event log, it forces all gameplay out into open conflict, where subversion can be just as fun.

My point is this - love it or hate it, the event log should be an optional setting for server admins. The people who love it can use it, the people who hate it, don’t have to deal with it. Please consider making this feature optional.