PLEASE make some flat floors

I saw the picture posted from the Khitai DLC that is comming, and my one big hope for that DLC was lost… floortiles with those strange hightened frames on them…
Have you EVER, in any style of arcitecture from ANY era seen floors like that?

Other than the black ice foundations, there are not a single flat stone floor in the game…
save yourselves WORK, and gain optimization in the process by lovering the poly count, and give us flat floors… maybe I can use one of the rugs then without crinching by the sight of stone comming through them everywhere.


The T2 Brick and insulated wood ceiling is flat without a frame. That’s why I use them for big rooms. I try to avoid using framed ceiling tiles. I am also not a fan from the framed ceiling tiles and would love to see flatten ceiling tiles, even triangular ones. This will look much more realistic and homogen, not as LEGO like

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