Please make the launcher stay open when the game starts

Let’s face facts, this game crashes a lot - always has, probably always will. I don’t think there’s much that can be done about that at this point but what can be done is mitigating the aggravation caused by removing the need to sit through the verification of files every single time.

Just let the launcher stay open and stop piling frustration on top of frustration for no good reason :v:

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At least it doesn’t prompt me to send an error report every time I close the game anymore. They did fix that with the new game :stuck_out_tongue:

It does with me :smiley: lool

One potential small issue with that, is that crashes could theoretically corrupt files, which the verification could catch and fix. Otherwise, yeah, that would be nice.

This has literally never happened to me and I wouldn’t even like to guess at how many crashes I’ve had over the lifetime of both games. As a rule, the game is usually reading from files and not writing to them, so corruption in the event of a crash is unlikely.

Once, this time back at TSW camp - (which was working absolutely fine during the downtime btw) it crashed and upon reloading it said it had missing or corrupt files. Tried again, still the same - tried the repair “Feature” - TSW wouldnt even load after that - so did full reinstall - worked.
But ofc - that was TSW so nothing to do with SWL at all coz it’s an entirely different game (do i get to use this now) :v:

Unless you’re suggesting the launcher should do a full reinstall every time it starts up, I really don’t see how that’s an argument in favour of file verification :v:

If you’ve experienced crashes and have never manually run a client repair you might be surprised.

What are you saying here? The game actually corrupts the files a lot but the launcher doesn’t detect it?

Yes. Corruption can happen way before the launcher starts complaining. It doesn’t do a comprehensive check of the RDB unless you manually ask it to or the corruption gets so bad that the patcher forces a check.

Sounds like another reason why it’s a waste of everyone’s time to force those checks then :v:

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