Please nerf bombs

See? He gets it. Adapt and overcome. Personally, I LOVE LOVE it when we get attacked. It is very exhilarating. I love seeing people complain about “hey we’re not getting a purge” then complain that they’re being attacked by other players…WTF? That’s not as hard as many of the purges we’ve faced.

Note: Can be difficult to comprehend.

I can’t agree. I don’t know about ratios, but some people treat others as simply a part of the gameplay and if they find them to be somewhat overwhelming, one can’t pass the thought that maybe some resistance variables aren’t working as intended (those who see players as players may wonder if there’s some unintentional advantage or foul play involved). I’d say that to some degree it’s healthy even and shouldn’t be disregarded as a mere whim in our own haste.

Show me even one who does this exact thing (due immaturity) and I’ll change my mind. My point is that you can’t, coz there ain’t any who behaves this way (nor would it have any effect even if there were for that matter). I’m taking each observation seriously so if you can find even one individual who sincerely does this exact thing, then I’ll change my mind. However, meanwhile I firmly believe that we all get up, dust off and plan our next move; rinse and repeat. This game is yet another “cover” of Chess or Go or any game that came before them that has conditions for winners and losers, so I’m rather hopeful that the devs are capable to filter relevant variables from the irrelevant ones.

We’ve all been immature in the past and we still are in some areas of life. This doesn’t change any time soon and I hardly believe it is this that’s the issue here. We all have the choice to filter what’s immature in each other, to perceive what’s said without that type of jewelry. If we focus on merely what’s said on a face value, we risk misunderstanding the whole picture.

Players of today are not the only generation who want games to have a fair point of beginning for everyone wherever and whenever. Some concepts are trickier than others, but we are getting each solved one by one. We need to remember that the customers aren’t the ones responsible of the balance in games. That’s the responsibility of developers.

What needs to be fair is marketing and promised premises. If we cannot achieve what is marketed or promised, there’s no fairness and in some cases false marketing even. Balance variables do exist as parts of each breakpoint scale, but the scales aren’t all necessarily in proper balance.

Having and doing are not the same though. We need to make observation from multiple perspectives, not skill wise alone.

If I’m promised an even playfield, one can’t help wondering if there’s something wrong, if we can’t do what others say we should be able to, despite our efforts, opportunities and hints received. Some are highly obvious scenarios while other cases need keener focus to surface the truth, but none of these should be ignored as mere whining.

Life is actually fair when we seek it (perhaps I define “fairness” in some different way). Only when we stop seeking, will we stop finding. If we don’t know what to seek, this is fair too. If we know, then we go after it, which is also fair. It’s the same for games. The difference is that games don’t have all necessary components present to deliver the same quality our level of existence does in a rather innate way. This is why we as developers need to circumvent some points (not just due the genres) we can’t properly code in yet and these are the ones we need to carefully design so that we won’t eat our words and ruin the fun for our customers.

In essence…

Fairness needs to encompass the whole space AND time. This doesn’t mean that there are no winners and thus no losers either. This means that we are both winners AND losers, but not one or the other at all times.

Maybe or maybe not. I don’t think nerfing bombs would solve the core issue, not solely at least. However, the issue may need a deeper examination than this.

The more I hear about this, the more I feel this sounds like a broken record. It’s an obvious thing we all do. I don’t understand why this needs to be repeated over and over again. It’s self-explanatory really. In order to become good at whatever it is (assuming everything is balanced), we need to understand the rules and practise under them until we succeed beyond practise as well. This is not rocket science anymore, is it? :joy:

I support the op statement, but rather than a nerf i would like to see some kind of rotation between diferent siege damage option.

Example :

  • wall & foundation could be more resistant agains bombs but easely breakable by trebuchet
  • Chess & vauld vulnerable to bombs and resistant to trebuchet
  • Orb can add up to the overall damage for both, but aren’t very effective alone

This way raiding someone would be more ressourcefull and diversify wisouth emputing any of the individuals item, because that would be the building piece assed that change^^

Closed hand experiment. A cracker does less damage to an open hand than to a closed one with the cracker inside the fist? Dropped rock experiment. Falling rock is relatively efficient at damaging the hand (or the whole body) that tries to catch it the more massive the rock is?

Whatever makes raiding have sense and more value at the tactical level, the better.

If they nerf bombs they have to improve the ability to destroy building structures with weapons and bombs can also possibly be enhanced by server settings. Secondly clan size and ability to build the bombs to destroy your base is another factor, these in my eyes don’t require any adjustments, I find that if you build the highest tier of structure either black ice or the other variant you will find it will take a huge amount of bombs to even take down one block. I HAD a base that my structure was so strong they didn’t waste bombs on me brought oil orbs and fire orbs and attempted to burn me out as bombs would have been a huge undertaking just to take out 1 wall I build, to my disadvantage I was only one person of a clan of two so I destroyed my buildings by mistake.

The bombs aren’t the issue and I hope that you try building your own offline admin controls and test the bomb damage it’s very fair based off the block tier.

While I agree with everything that you stated with no disagreement about the subject the way you approached it was a little hostile I understand the reason you did as well. An while this isn’t minecraft and fornite you have to remember all games are being catered to become easy for anyone to play which is a problem in its self. However you have to assume they aren’t building in the highest tier and specific clans could continually attack this said individual in such a manner it can become grief in a short period. So yeah
Your usually friendly so lol. Yep. :face_with_monocle:

Just got back on the forums and seen all the reply’s. I’m level 60 and these people were level 20 and got to 60 in one night. Just because someone is 60 doesn’t mean they are good by any means. I just started playing this game a few weeks ago and the people I was having issues with are literally freaks at this game. (Really good) everyone thinks they were alphas on another server and got bored and moved to this one. Saying all this they utterly wiped me out and killed everything I had. They have an impenetrable base which is stupid. Literally it’s so high the treb can’t reqch it and no gods can. You can’t bomb it and you can’t scale it. I am clueless on what to do.

that’s why we need gaz cloud, siege ladders and siege foundation for mooving towers !

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Explosive arrows/gas arrows to clear spikes and then summona god (once fixed) or drop bombs on their roof

These are their bases. No way we can drop bombs on them and they literally are never offline so we can’t use arrows(they defend during raid time and attack and replace anything while we destroy it)

There were a few bases like that on my server but all have been raided and wiped/abandoned

Explosive arrows will work bro. Especially if you distract them too.

Plus yog and jhebbal sag can fly up, but jhebbal does nearly 0 damage to building structures. He’ll still merc whatever is inside though.

Build a t3 tower before pvp time and put a trebuchet on top of it and defend it. That’s the general cureall for high up bases.

Also I see you’re wearing heavy armor. Don’t for pvp unless you have a super good build like my katana cheese + jhebbal sag claws. Heavy armor= free kill for a spear or 2h mace user.

Thanks I’ll try this. We have the set god and it wasn’t working so I assumed no other gods would work. It’s pribably pretty obvious I’m a noobie lol

I’ll have to look into the sag religion cuz I haven’t heard of it. Thanks for the advice. It’s probably pretty obvious but I’m a super noob lol. The building up a tower for the treb I never thought about

Ignore it based like that are pointless, go full nomad, make a thrall T4 bearer give it all heavy armor and a bow and a mace or axe 1 handed plus shield you lose a few slots but best out come make supplies, hide chests in fun spots even throw some random wood ones as decoys then once you squirrel away bombs and fire orbs and oil you can retaliate.

Make sure to have a back up T4 bearer and hide a thrall wheel smallest, if you can a animal pen, place animals all over don’t bother with them if they die use them to cause mischief once you see them get attacked by the pets and or thralls make only archers if you do instead of pets then attack them when they aren’t paying attention they will think you have a base if you use the decoy chests plus animals or thralls as random attackers to catch them in an ambush. Pretty fun method to play honestly when people like that make a base that no one can attack.

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Yea just make sure it’s t3 and you build it up before pvp time. And make sure u have naterials for treb, treb ammo, and treb repair. Plus you need people guarding the bottom so they don’t bomb it. Only counter to tower trebs are explosive arrows and base trebs

Rage quitting is older than video games. It having a different name doesn’t change that. The only reason “rage quitting” became a more popular term in modern memory is because competitive online gaming itself is a newer thing.

I sort of agree that some people are too quick to ask for nerfs, but that doesn’t mean nothing ever needs nerfed either. I think bombs are pretty fair when the game works properly, but they are absolutely broken when duping exists or materials left over from the era of duping exists or when thralls are bugged into not attacking.

Leftovers from the era of duping won’t last forever.

Cept…some of those screen-caps of dupes that pop up, This game will be long dead, and they’ll still have a truck load of stuff to murder everyone.

Some people abused it so much(someone on this forum mention have 10 benches going non stop…), its just not worth being on there server…maybe handful will be unlucky find them. But you wont know right away till you wasted enough time there only to be crunched.

Maybe if they piss enough people off, they’ll move on out of bordom… or like most, invite people with smiles and gifts.
Only to stomp them at later moment in lolz as trolls.

Update… so we wiped them. We used explosive arrows to take that base on the hill. I guess they had a main base though hidden. It’s a pretty shameful way of doing it and I had no part in it because it’s simply not a cool tactic… but another clan had one of its members rejoin the server with a new account and joined their clan and destroyed literally everything after they gave him vault access and such. I mean I’m glad they are gone but I disagree with this method and I would have switched servers before resorting to this.

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I disagree. There’s something beautiful with returning griefers own abusive way against them to destroy them.

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