Please nerf Executioner hood

Game mode: Online official | Online private | Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE]
Region: EU

Looking at new EL armors (Godbreaker, Khari etc.) stats we can see a massive nerf but Executioner hood item still give plus 3 str. Please nerf funcom. It’s too overpowered and too easy to get.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Yeah it was clearly left out on the balance pass.

Also nerf ambrosia to make it in line with other healing items. Why even nerf an entire set but let a few things not get got?

Makes entire update worthless as everyone just switches to the single unnerfed item.

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Er… no… killing this dude on Siptah is not a cake walk and the RNG of getting isn’t great.

Why would you kill of a reward for hard work?


Why nerf it? Buff other sets etc as well. Buff enemies I dont care. But nerf a really nice legendary piece of armor because you have lots of hours to farm GB or Khari set?
No man, let chill people and not farm-machines play the game.

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Yes lets nerf every thing item in Conan, so far you all got half of the things in the game nerfed to be unusable, come get off this suggestions of nerf, nerf, nerf, if you do not like it do not use it geeze , its always nerf it , they have it I don’t, you have to nerf it , they use it I cant as I am do lazy to go and farm it so nerf it, its not fair they found it and I did not so nerf it, its so unfair so nerf nerf it. In this forum that is what you nerf hounds do instead of getting better or learning to deal with other players being better then you, you demand nerfs.

Soon be nothing worth using in this game as you nerf hounds will have it all worthless to use and please do not say in pvp it makes it harder , god get better then, learn to play , stop your wine wine wine crap and nerf this and that. Why do you not learn how to play better so those of us who know how can enjoy the things in the game and not a secret hidden nerf every other update.

Oh BTW never used this hood , never cared one way or another but just because I do not use it does not mean I think that its needs a nerf. Nerf asking is for players who can not keep up , who do not understand how to even play, many pieces of armor give you stats, guess its nerf every thing across the board and you all can wear rags and everyone will be the same, all the same. Then better, smarter players will still kill you btw.

I might have been a bit over on this statement but there is a problem with some players in this game, if you cant use it or cant find it or it seems the other player is just better then you, then its come the forums and ask for a nerf, happens so often, so why not try to just play the game.

Kind of reason the game is in such a state everyone with its not good this way , change it to suit me attitude is killing this game. So can we stop the nerfs the hidden crap and just fix the bugs so it can be played.

Because that’s Funcom Way :laughing:

Seriously, that’s basically what Funcom’s balancing boils down to, in most cases: either nerf the stats or nerf the drop rate. :confused:

there is no nerf in the EL armors , in fact there is a buff on every one , if you make it with a T4 armorer with the armor bonus , you’ll have a far better armor , than previous to the patch , on another hand all objects that are not crafted have stayed the same , so the nerf was more on legendaries than the crafting part

as an example Khari raider armor , before patch gave +6 encumberance +6 survival , now it gives +6 encumberance +10 survival (or +10 +6 , I have a small doubt and can’t verify at the moment ) , AND will have more armor than before ( a lot more if you use the T4 armorer with bonus armor + master armor upgrade )

for the godbreaker armor , well it’s the same you need to craft it with a T4 to have better stats .

but I get that you can think otherwise if you just go look at the ones you crafted before the economy update , cause they are considered as not been crafted by T4’s , therefore only have the “base value” that is equal of crafting them with no thralls on the bench ( not even a T1 )

Are you trippin? Trolling? No nerf nothin! Buff things!!! Lvl 60 and obtaining best weapons and armor i wanna feel mighty again like it was at beginning! Sick of beeing kind of a aggro target and my thrall being the damage dealer.!!! Fighting kinda sucks atm

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