Please open the super server officially

Please open the super server officially。It can destroy the house without limiting time all day long.Its maximum number is expanded to 100 people,It is a dedicated server for players who love pvp.But each region only has one player who can’t have more, and concentrate on pvp.

Please officially manufacture this mode server as soon as possible。Conan is more than just a build game, and even most players are players who like to play games because they can destroy each other.
I am also such a person. I love building a house that is very difficult to destroy. Love to destroy other people’s houses.
In the Asian server, my team and even the role of 13 Asian servers are 60, our goal is only one pvp, but our fun is only pvp, so I hope the official manufacture this type of server.
I am still an anchor. The audience doesn’t like to watch me build a house. They prefer me to destroy someone else’s house.

I think this kind of server will be very interesting, it will be good for live broadcast, it will help to promote this game and make the game develop better.

That isn’t going to happen on Officials.


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