Please pay attention to player reports


While I’m not a fan of these types of boxes, I don’t see that big of a deal as there has been a PVE equivalent one in item shop for quite some time. If people want to spend lots of money on lottery boxes, more power to them. I just wish Funcom would take this item shop money and actually put it back into the game in the way of actual content.


Any new saga server will be filled with credit card warriors then.


hahahaa) they will drop money to their new toy) “mutant mambo-jumbo” of something like this.

anyway) its uber stupid idea to add pvp lootbox to game that dont have any cheat-hack prot. and 90% pvpers use combers of any sort. they don`t need yr box funcom


They really dont get the message, and they refuse to talk to us on the forums, its clear where we stand with them , sadly this truly great game is run by totally the wrong people, Funcom you are a disgrace…


I couldn’t care less about these boxes on Crom, every PvPer has PvP 10s or close enough to it.

On a fresh saga server it’s pretty bad. PvE boxes weren’t bringing in unfair advantages because that T4/T5 gear wasn’t needed to progress, I didn’t like them on saga but it wasn’t a big deal.

Anyone with PvP 10 weapons (that’s what those unbound legendaries are) are going to be having a huge advantage over the rest of us using crappy gear.


I wouldn’t worry about it. I suspect a pvp saga server wont be nearly as popular as the last one.


If these boxes are going to be on a pvp saga server I am definitely not even going to try to reach level 80. Sure skill is a huge factor but still, I already saw many of the full time pvpers post these weapons in the chat, if they buy these weapons on the saga server they will easily dominate 90% of the whole server.
The only thing that makes me want to try a saga pvp server is the low level pvp, everything else (mini games, bori, sieges and so on) is pure crap in my eyes and I couldn’t care less about it. All the overpowered gear, AAs potions and so on totally suck all the fun out of PvP.


Well in the saga server of recent past, the funcom store and all of our claim items weren’t even available. so Again. Even if the popularity of the server is there you wont be seeing these boxes on there. At least that’s what i remember. correct me if im wrong about the fc store availablity


Ah man, there were epic lvl 50 complete gear with lvl 70 stats purchasable in the store and usable from lvl 20-30.


You could purchase additional specs, levelling packs, teleport coins, and those royal treasure chests (whatever they were called that could drop T4/T5 tokens inc 60 relics/1 rare to buy big pieces) from the first day of saga.


understatement… the “pvp community” can barely fill a jhebbal sag between them, let alone populate a new saga server :smiley:
On the other hand, Crom will be a delight for the full day it will take them to tire of each other and come back.


This just isnt true, Eu time their is multiple minis running at the same time, right now in US time there is 3 minis running at the same time, I know a lot of the PvP community can be trolls and their global QQ can be extreme, but they haven’t had years of Raid and 6 mans roll outs to fall back on, you try playing with one new raid instance since 2008 :slight_smile:

Also a lot of those PvPers fill raids, you would be surprised how many alts and pvp mains PvE , So dont bite you’re nose to spite your face :):joy:


Bring us Anti-cheat system Funcom! Easy anti-cheat will be good or any similiar! Cheaters ruining ur game and subscribers go to other MMOS!

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Wow … What a response I got on this thread.
Why do you think FunCom dont care about getting rid of hackers and exploiters?

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Yea why they dont make us use AoC through steam and all their antihack-systems?

I am not sure Vote2Kick will do any good to be honest. Maybe a passivity-kicker or something.