Please, please, PLEASE stop my thralls from crushing me to death

It is so frequent im almost ready to toss my pc out the window. Normally it happens when climbing, but it’s happening even just walking around now. Thralls are leashing to me by warping inside of me, then crushing me to death. It’s getting ridiculous. If they dont crush me to death they push me through the map and warp me to the other side of the planet.


Was climbing (controlled falling) down a cliff to save time. My horse teleported on top of me about mid-way down. This knocked me off the cliff and I couldn’t get a grip quick enough but survived. While I was trying to understand what had happened and before I could apply any bandages a crocigator finished me.

I’m also getting tired of thralls, especially rides trying to occupy the same space as me when “following”.

Yeah, I agree.

I regularly end up within my own Thralls.

The constant body blocking without the possibility of pushing them out of doorways etc. is also very annoying. – We should be able to push them back a little.

The amount of times in dungeons a pet has walked into the same space I’ve occupied and pinned me against the wall with no hope of escape is baffling. Cannot move and guard in a dungeon and there is no way to tell them to move as I’m inside them and just access their inventory instead.

Just yesterday as I was doing the cage parkour in the volary of jhil my horse teleported onto the cage I was jumping onto causing me to fall to my death. I really wish the go to option for pets and mounts teleporting to you wasn’t inside of you


+1 to this

When my warthorn tries to impale my ■■■ on his horn…

Sounds like he was horn e for you :joy:

Also sounds like are pets and thralls need to go on a diet to lose some weight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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