Please post any Grumpy old man Thread Hijacking Comments here

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I created this thread, so people could vent about the issues they want to embed in EVERY THREAD on this forum, sometimes ruining some postive, well thought out threads. Don’t hijack a thread about something else with your daily reminders of what you don’t like about the game. I am not saying you can’t complain, but we all should keep those complaints to the thread’s OP idea. Jumping in with, “but first” or “before they do that” should tell you that you are fixing to hijack the thread to what you want it to be about. So here. Complain as much as you want on this forum about old unfixed issues. But keep the complaints about that. anything off topic, i may flag as the OP of this thread.



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this thread is stupid, now get off my lawn


So, this thread is about complaining about people complaining …uhm.