Hello everyone,

I was really considering renting a 20 slot server until it grows to something bigger and more active. I was thinking something like a relaxed PVP server for adults that have a life outside of video games but would like to be a part of something a lot less stressful. I was thinking about making a server where it’s just PVP on the weekends including Friday. It will be a all day PVP type of time frame due to the fact that everyone plays at different times. Will be plenty of public events that I have an idea for hosting and stuff of that nature. Please let me know what you think I will be renting the server starting today, anyone interested please let me know.

Thank you everyone for taking a moment to read this.

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If your on PS4 then I’d be interested.

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As would I.

Sorry for the late response but here goes the info for the server, I’m gonna take the password protect off today but its
Server Name:Seasons on the Abyss

thats the info

Seasons In the abyss