Please reconsider how you release content and bug fix patches

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I’ll keep it simple.

Taking your time with content patches so that there is a lot of content in one patch, great!

Fixing loads of bugs in one patch, awfull! You guys have done this since back when I played AoC and it creates so much anger in your playerbase, it also doesn’t work because you just create new bugs.
Simply prioritizing 2-3 commonly known bugs per week and fixing them that week would go such a long way to create some goodwill among your players. Like the bug with DLC armor, people payed you extra money for your game and you don’t even hotfix that? Way to discourage people from buying future DLCs.

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How is this any different in terms of introducing new Bugs compared to a big bug-fix?

As stated in other posts I personally dislike the idea of CE receiving anything more than step-by-step content or bugfixes, that makes me fully agree with the rest of your statement.

I am confident FUNCOM has great Dev’s but there might be an issue how the engine handles things or whatever reason leading to introducing new bugs with virtually anything, even the cosmetic-DLC.

What I personally do not understand, and I am not feeling entitled at all, is why do we have to wait for more than a week and still do not receive even a fix for the missing stats in the DLC?
Was the statement of @Tascha not mentioning it is 99% artwork so the few lines code would be easy to correct, but that is just my uneducated oppinion.

It might not be, but people are more forgiving when new bugs comes as a part of new content than when the same bugs persist for several months.

Count me to the other people then.
I was almost furious as I figured my, previously working, Khitan (cold protection) armor was not working after the latest DLC since the included content brought new bugs making existing content not working.

It was not too much of a deal I just could barely walk anymore after my Starmetal run, guess you cannot have Starmetal and your Cold-resistant Encumbrance Armor the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

This game is just gorgeous. I love it. I love the map and I enjoy just being out in the world. My group is renting a private server (Thanks Dougie) and we are having a grand time. Purges are working for us, leading to stress and heartbreak, which is essential to keep the game alive. I say all of that to recognize the vast talent at work with Funcom. Of all the survival games, this one is my personal favorite.


Their project manager needs to be replaced. They do the wrong things in the wrong order. Their ability to schedule and prioritize is crap, and they have no focus on bug fixing. This amazing game has angered the player base by having very little sense of urgency on repairing bugs, some of which have been in the wild for months.

Shame on you project manager.


It would go a long way if they would just communicate with the player base about the fixes instead of the only communication being about the new content. And I’m not talking about the “the devs just got back from forced 3 week vacation” response from the forum moderators. We all know that.

Pretty obvious at this point that they are trying to squeeze as much money as possible for the next project. I bought the game for $50 and felt like it was still in beta on the first day. Go on vacation and come back focusing on putting more DLC bugs in the game. They will continue doing this until everyone has stopped feeding them. The only playable servers on ps4 are unofficial servers cuz official is just a joke. No matter how fun a game was you have to call it quits when its obviously over.

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