Please remove "max allowed ping" in Official Server 1962

I just played for an hour in 1962 Oceania PvP server and suddenly got kicked, then I tried to rejoin but ping was 290 of course I couldn’t cz there is ping restriction at 200. when tryin to join other servers with same area it was below 200. I’m playing in pc gamepass.

my char was in unsafe area please I just wanna have my items back I’ve sent ticket to funcom and for additional I try to post here maybe the admin can read it.

thanks in advance.

There used to be a refresh button on the server list, now it only appears when the entire list has finished populating. This is very inconvenient, as ping is only a measurement from a single moment in time and you should not be bound to that single moment without recourse unless you either restart or wait for the refresh button to finally show up.

Anyway, until we ever see the refresh button come back, direct connect.

1962’s direct connect address is


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