Please remove whatever that sound is for the Illusion bench

Every time I load into my base I have to hear that horrible screeching sound and it sucks big time. Please remove. There is no point but aggravate a person.


Are you talking about the tharmalagy bench don’t have anything on ps4. @LordTovek wife or I.

Hello o/

I am talking about the bench that let’s you make clothes that are illusions. Mogs.

The only Illusion Bench I’m aware of is a mod piece from an armor/clothing mod. Immersive Armor, IIRC? At least it’s now in crafting benchs.

Without mods, Illusions are applied at the Thaumaturgy bench.

This one has noticed a mildly irksome keening when learning new spells, but has never noticed a passive noise. Certainly not like the wheel in use or a person on the altar awaiting sacrifice.

I’ve noticed it sometimes bugs out when you apply an illusion and repeatedly plays the sound over and over. Same issue with the elevators.

My solution for the table is to dismantle it and replace it.

All benches should have a mute option that works only for the owner…

Has been reported many times…


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