Please Revert Damage Cancelling Aloe Heals


This is true, but I guess you just have to be more careful how and where you swing that axe darthphysicist :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah sometimes I’m just all caught up in the slay and then “oh crap! I want them on my wheel!”

Yeah, I’ve been there, felt that pain heh

It’s difficult weeding out the ones you actually want from the melee, when you are on your own.

We have a saying similar to this in my country. Care to clarify the meaning of your statement before I reply?

its a quote from Kenshi

not to write context in form of wall of text… it is spoken by some strong NPCs when you as player venture early to their village located in rather end-game territory, said NPCs are also giant crab tamers and refer everything manly and powerful as crabness, also starter area for the game is desert

Ok you have made your intentions in that statment clear. And if you haven’t then thats on you, as you were politely invited to do so and clear up any misgivings, and had ample opportunity to do so. So ‘man up’ eh!? Thems fightin’ words. Says the guy who in his own words is part of a clan, and has his clan mate there to draw aggro and pull his can out of the fire while he heals up.

But thats ok, if something is not a problem for you, then it mustn’t be a problem for anyone else either right…!? As long as all is good for drachenfeles that’s all that matters.


It’s equally easy/hard to get distance on a single or group of melee. LOS archers.

Not true. 99% of the time me and the people I play with do PVE alone. 99% of the time when I meet someone else in a PVE situation (aka they’re not out to zerg players) they’re also alone.

Yes most people use thralls, but it’s not like that whole village will aggro on the thrall. You’re almost lucky if one of them do.

it’s that when that makes whole difference
I’ve attempted to clear asagard alone numerous times and no I don’t take thralls, have I succeeded at each attempt? hell no
but that boils down to differences on what each of us expects from a game

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That seems to be the mentality of a lot of people in a lot of games. If it works for me in my specific play style screw everyone else cause I got mine. But that also applies outside of games as well. People generally tend to have the attitude that they are the only one that matters, or at the very least that they matter more than others do. Now that might not actually be the case, but it is the attitude that they present none the less.

@drachenfeles This is NOT directed at you at all. I do not know you and do not presume to know your views / attitude. I was only making a general statement so please do not take this as a slight against you. I by no means meant it towards you.


It’s a prevalent attitude in history, across all failing societies. The best part is something better and kinder almost always rises up in its place.


Let us hope that is the case.


You have some grammatical errors in there Idjiit, I am affraid dont understand what you are trying to convey. :thinking:

If you don’t understand then how can you know there’s grammatical errors? :stuck_out_tongue:

Might need a comma after “single” but it should be easily understandable without.

Well every game can’t be for everyone. Essentially you’re saying exactly the same. It doesn’t cater to your playstyle so screw the people it does cater to.

A lot of playstyles are conflicting and it can’t cater to everyone.

Because individuals are stil capable of discerning basic sentence structure and conventions even in the face of grammatical errors. That is how people are able to identify grammatical errors at all, and markers and proofreaders maintain positions of employment. :crazy_face: If you dont want to clarify thats fine, but Ive got better things to do with my time than play childish guessing games.


You could start by explaining what you didn’t understand.

I have better things to do with my time than play with childish grammarpolice.

Ps. you forgot something in “thats” and “Ive”

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I believe that this is the feedback we give to devs isn’t it? Some people don’t like something and some others don’t care or like it. I believe that the hard part is on them because there are so many different opinions in this game and the worst, we, in this forum, are just a minor percentage of the player base for this game. I was watching a friendly YouTubers video and a statement he made still troubles my head, it was similar to an opinion of a really respected moder we have here helping us in the forum. That opinion that I will bring in my own way of understanding them was…
Devs listen a lot the community to the point that they may derail from their own vision about the game. I am thinking of it over and over again, it is spinning on my head. I really love the fact that they listen, it makes me feel that I am a part of this game evolution, but… If my desires changed their direction then I have to stand back and let them do their job plus support them to every decision they make, because it is their vision that originally attracted me in this game.
Closing, @Croms_Faithful is a player that I respect and more, so I really want to support his suggestion . Funcom however is responsible I played this wonderful game and meet all these wonderful players and I am the very great full to them. They managed to create a hobby for me far from my expectations combining the game and the forum.


Let me try to take this on, since I’m in a similar position to Croms of not really understanding what you meant.

You seem to be saying that in your opinion there’s no difference between facing a group or a single enemy - is that what you meant? Because that’s certainly not my experience. Or did the second (partial) sentence ‘LOS archers.’ mean that you were referring specifically to archers? In which case I’d be closer to agreement - the number of archers doesn’t seem to matter as much for me as facing a group of melee enemies - but even then, I’d have to say that numbers still make a difference (it’s just a little easier to temporarily negate enemy archers attacks by messing with their line of sight).

Am I getting anywhere near what you were trying to say?


That is so very true. Only a very small portion of the players actually actively use the forum.

I saw this with Age of Conan as well. It is, to a degree, a strength and a weakness.

That is part of the strength which I mentioned.

That is part of the weakness, though you personally have the right attitude for it not to be nearly as big of a weakness as it is in the eyes of others. :grin:

Same here!