Please Revert Damage Cancelling Aloe Heals

I was going to say like the second hand on an Omerga watch.

No propulsion, no underbelly spinnerets, no hidden dancer pole, yet it’ll spin on ye. Woe the Exile who forgot to seek higher ground, or who rolled into a slight ditch.




Yea, that’s definitely not how I see it on SP. The dragon is whipping it’s tail around, not just spinning. Gets it’s body pivoting and everything. Looks like it’d be a lot of power, as it should.

Oh, I see where we didn’t understand each other. You’re talking about the attack. I’m talking about how the dragon keeps turning to face you while it’s not attacking.

Oh, okay. I still don’t get an instant spin. But yea, if I run as it’s blowing flames then it turns without any leg movement. That is a bit immersion-breaking.

Do any of you know the true joy of standing on top of Red Mother and goring her out with your spear and acrobatic timing? Oblectamentum!