Please rework upkeep

Upkeep of building are stupid Mirror tower are best example of this stupid upkeep system just lets say you need enclave to have souls its already take -5(i dont remeber) or soul collector but you wont have mages mirror tower takes another -5 the thing is star metal spots you have will give you in best +8 per tick and thats it you have to expand to the end of the map where single looters will try to scracth a​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:on mine building or spots will be on places where always will pass waves
i dont mind hard gameplay but this is just tortue

alternatively, i think they should increase the base amount given by buildings. so annoying to put down a quarry or lumber mill to only get one or two, it’s not worth the upkeep of the building. the random generation of the resource squares just makes terribly inefficient places. so instead the building could give so many base resources, and then it goes up from there depending on how many resource squares the building covers.