Please solve the problem

Hello Funcom, Conan exiles Server#2947 PVE, regarding the complaint against organization Fullmetal, made an unreasonable accusation that the game blocked the passage of other players and failed to go to the relevant place, this is not the only way of entrance and exit, it has been confirmed Will not affect the passage of other players. This player continues to send messages on the xbox, provoking and intimidating personal attacks, please contact Funcom to face this problem squarely. This player’s base is located in Muriela’s Hope, which affected the emergence of Rhino king and private occupation of his treasure chest in his base. Other players could not go to his treasure chest, which affected other players’ enjoyment of the game. Please solve the problem.

Hi mate. These are the general discussions tabs. You’ll have a much better chance of being seen and something done about this if you report here 8

Submit a request – Funcom 8

Good luck.

OK Thx .

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