Please stop or extend decay timers

Hello funcom, please stop the decay timers while you are working on the fixes.

There is no way to enjoy the game now or just even to do stuff you need to do like take care of your outposts. Also it’s hard to do the battlepass things at this moment. I think I don’t need to go in details why. There are enough posts and videos.

@community if its possible: My suggestion would be to stop the decay timers and also maybe to extend the battlepass time while you are working on a fix. It would be good to do that now because you know the 2-4 restarts the server need to acknowledge it.

And then just let devs and designers reset their brains over the weekend and take the time it needs to do the fixes :slight_smile:

I can not understand how something like this can go live… But I hope you take the time to fix it the clean way not quick and dirty

For this expensive shop prices I would like to see more quality in future :face_with_monocle:



Please check the following announcement:

Thank you for your feedback and have a great weekend! :discopug:


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