Please stop this. put a limit. This is sincere feedback

I just got my second build ban, and I know for sure it was unfair, and I believe it was a mistake.

However, an idea came to me: “put a construction limit!” I guarantee it’s less frustrating than the fear of building and losing everything overnight and still getting banned.

I swear, I followed all the rules, I did everything I was asked, I was afraid of getting banned, so afraid that I couldn’t place all the temples (the temples have a distance limit)… Even so, I woke up today and came across with 1 month of ban. this ruined my day and i’m seriously considering quitting the game.

I have a huge affection for Conan Exiles. I recommended it to more than 20 friends who bought it. I had already planned on buying everything from the battle pass with a limit of 500.00 dollars.

Sorry for having to go against funcom for the first time.

This is sincere feedback. I love Funcom and Conan Exiles, but I hate their ban rules.


Build limit isn’t the answer. Clear rules is the answer. The grey area in the tos is way to large



Was anyone threatening to report you?

I know many people will come here to say that a limit on building is not the answer so be prepared for that. If you’d like to know why there are many posts regarding the suggestion of limits. Many that discuss the ToC and others’ bans also discuss limits.

I agree with @Hencewhy, the ToC is woefully unclear and needs much love.

If this is your second ban, I find it interesting that it is a month. I’m not sure on how they decide the length of the ban… I’ve heard 3 days on first, 1 week on first, 1 month on first. It never really seems to be consistent.

Also be prepared that his post may be shut down and it is suggested you go to Zendesk to “appeal a ban”. Keep in mind on the ToC it states that you cannot appeal a suspension but it may be suggested to do this. It is unfortunately the closest option to ask for more reasoning.


I agreed with what you say, but I was always respectful, I always maintained consistency in my constructions. I never broke the rules.

My first ban, I found it confusing, I don’t understand why, but then I found out that my clan had built out of my limit, and I suffered with them, I didn’t complain, it was in the rules (if it’s in the clan then it’s your fault) OK .

But this second ban was like a stab, I tried, I swear I tried to follow all the rules. it still didn’t work for me.

All my constructions had love, I dedicated a lot. I did something beautiful to the landscape, but this invisible limit of construction broke me.

now, i support 100% a real limit, and that i can be free to build without fear.

“I never broke the rules”.

Banned twice. Seems legit.


Please take this matter to Zendesk. This is not the correct venue for this feedback or discussion.