Please tell me this is a joke

Looks like the April fool was no fool…

I really dont understand why Funcom makes games which will sell maybe few thousand copies instead to work on a new real game. Looks like we will read about Funcoms financial situation in 2025 again…

" dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS? " :wink:


AHHH so thats where all the money people spent on Saga boxes went.

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that’s the game i needed when I was a kid I would play it 24:7 LMAO

prolly playing it when waiting for rf

double monitor. Left monitor: AoC waiting for RF. Right monitor: Conan Chop Chop if there is nothing on Netflix


Triple monitor even better: Left AoC waiting for RF and WB or arena queue. Right Exiles doing crafting or resource gathering … middle playing Conan: Chop Chop !